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The most anticipated Metal Detector of the year, the new 'Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Metal Detector' by Nokta Makro is shaping up to be an extremely exciting contender for theย best all-round metal detectorย of 2021.

Now while it's not officially named, or released yet... we have very good reason to be excited about this new machine - and here's why!

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Detect-Ed, Metal Detecting, Nokta Makro, Simplex -

It's beenย one year now since the highly anticipated Simplex+ Metal Detector was released and it has been shaking things up ever since! At Detect-Ed we thought it was worth re-evaluating this detectors features in this review, now that there are vast amounts of customer feedback available.ย Lets take a closer look at this Nokta Makro detector, the features, improvements to software updates and theย incredible finds made!

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8 Inch Coil, Metal Detecting, Nokta Makro, PulseDive, PulseDive Big Coil, Underwater -

Find out how this handheld metal detector can find river and ocean treasure like the best of them. There is no perfect metal detector, but this one ticks the box big time for performance, price, ruggedness and ease of use! Read to learnย how it stacks up against a full-size metal detector as we review the Nokta Makro PulseDive.

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