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The most anticipated Metal Detector of the year, the new 'Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Metal Detector' by Nokta Makro is shaping up to be an extremely exciting contender for theย best all-round metal detectorย of 2021.

Now while it's not officially named, or released yet... we have very good reason to be excited about this new machine - and here's why!

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Detect-Ed, Kids Metal Detector, Kids Metal Detectors, Nokta Makro -

Up until very recently, โ€œkids metal detectorsโ€ have mostly been colourful toys which vaguely react to large pieces of metal, but unfortunately had limited use in the real world. There has however, been great progress in the way of metal detecting design in the last few years and the kids areย nowย having heaps of fun with themย as a result!

With technology always moving forward, a few very important things have changed - meaning that high quality and low cost metal detectors for kids have started appearing, shaking up the market, and putting big smiles on the faces of kidsย and parentsย alike!

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Detect-Ed, Metal Detecting, Nokta Makro, Simplex -

It's beenย one year now since the highly anticipated Simplex+ Metal Detector was released and it has been shaking things up ever since! At Detect-Ed we thought it was worth re-evaluating this detectors features in this review, now that there are vast amounts of customer feedback available.ย Lets take a closer look at this Nokta Makro detector, the features, improvements to software updates and theย incredible finds made!

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Gold Kruzer, Gold Prospecting, Nokta Makro, Nugget Hunting, VLF, Waterproof -

Around 4 years ago I had the chance to use a mates gold detector, a threshold machine that was deadly on tiny gold, then 2 years later I started looking for a VLF machine to suit my needs.

I looked at a couple of machines well known for finding small gold, I was put off when hearing stories of 'coil bump sensitivity' and machines turning off in the field without warning.

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8 Inch Coil, Detect-Ed, Nokta Makro, PulseDive, Underwater Metal Detecting -

At Detect-Ed, weโ€™ve been giving the PulseDive a thorough workout for about a year now, our team has collectively put a few hundred hours of use between three machines and have had no failures or any complaints yet! That being said, if you know me youโ€™ll know that Iโ€™m always looking to improve detecting products with the long term goal of finding more of the good stuff! Now, the first thing that probably occurs to a lot of people when they see the PulseDive compared to other detectors is...ย 

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