Get a better look at the Detect-Ed Carbon Shafts with featured video's from YouTubers around the globe!

Metal Detectors South Africa (SA)

Metal Detectors South Africa (MDSA) is an authorized dealer and importer for a wide range of brands and the team at MDSA are avid Detectorists themselves. Check out this how-to video from our awesome distributor!

DirtFishMish (AUS)

DirtFishMish is back at it again on the beach with an epic haul of silvers and more! From her channel you can expect a wide range of land, beach and underwater detecting content with a relaxing and conversational tone. So join her in the eternal quest for todays coffee money and beyond!

Michael Oliver (AUS)

Michael Oliver is a full time Detectorist from Sydney who runs a lost jewelry recovery service and a youtube channel with over 47 million views. Check out his channel for a variety of beach and underwater detecting videos!

Dig it Detecting (AUS)

Dig It Detecting is a relatively newer detecting channel from Victoria whose passion for history and detecting shines through in every video. On his channel you can expect hours and hours worth of land detecting content jam packed with useful tips, incredible finds and historical insights!

Dr. Tones 24k (USA)

Dr. Tones 24k (Brandon Neice) is an avid treasure hunter and author, best known for his YouTube channel which chronicles his metal detecting adventures from around the world. Dr. Tones has over 11 MILLION views and 60,000+ subscribers. Check out his book titled 'The Metal Detecting Bible...' for helpful tips & tricks!

Treasure Adventure (AUS)

Treasure_Adventure is the Instagram and Youtube name of Detect-Ed's founder Edward Burnett. Ed has a huge passion for underwater detecting and GOLD! His videos feature stacks of underwater footage, gold treasure, creatures and fascinating relics!

Robert Ferguson (CA, USA)

Robert is possibly the most hardcore beach detectorist on the West Coast, often starting his hunts late at night or early in the morning and makes awesome videos regularly for his loyal fanbase of 32.5k subscribers! With over 9 million views on his channel and a huge passion for metal detecting it's easy to see why. Check him out!

Gigmaster (VA, USA)

Join the Gigmaster on his adventures! A wealth of information and fantastic to watch. The Gigmaster does gold prospecting, metal detecting, fossil hunting, beach detecting and just about any adventure that is fun and exciting! With over 6 million views and +23k subscribers, be sure to join him on his channel!

Dig That Beep (USA)

Dig That Beep is a bunch of down to earth guys enjoying the wonderful hobby of metal detecting.They're passionate about history & even more so digging it out of the ground so that it can be preserved. Make sure you check out their channel!

Historical Magpie (East Sussex, UK)

From East Sussex in the UK, Steve uses the Minelab Equinox and documents his adventures and finds on his Youtube channel "Historical Magpie". His channel is packed with great Equinox content and he hunts across a variety of environments in the UK. Be sure to check out the Historical Magpie channel!

Paul Cee (England, UK)

Paul Cee is a dedicated treasure hunter from the UK. His youtube channel (with over 1.8 millions views) documents his beach hunting adventures, finds and helpful hints... as well as detector and accessory reviews. Paul sets out to help people be informed and master the in's and out's of their detectors!

Treasure Hunters (South Africa)

Check out this detailed review from South African stockist Chris from 'Treasure Hunters'. You can visit their blogs & forums at and their online store at *Chris holds his personal, early model of the Detect-Ed Carbon Shaft, he stocks the current design with custom clamp system.

Red Beard Relic Hunter (CAN)

Canadian Minelab Detexpert 'Red Beard Relic Hunter' (DJ Dowling). His machine of choice is the Minelab Equinox 800 with the "Red-Belly Black" Detect-Ed Carbon Shaft... to match the beard of course! Red Beard's YouTube features plenty of exploring, detecting, treasure and fun stuff.

Beach Pirate (Vietnam)

This one begins with a nice little recovery job! The Beach Pirate's YouTube channel is definitely one to subscribe to. He's an Aussie living in Vietnam and dedicates his YouTube channel to his favourite hobby. His video's feature informative commentary, nice finds and beautiful beaches!

DetectorMo (Germany/Netherlands)

DetectorMo is a brand new channel from Europe run by a team member from Internation Detector Center. In this video, he's already knocking it out of the park with a 200 year old Greek coin!

The Outback Detectorists WA (AUS)

A husband and wife team from Western Australia, The Outback Detectorists WA channel features fascinating land digs from sites across the outback that are brimming with history waiting to be uncovered!

Metal Detection Tube Worldwide (Netherlands)

Johny from the Netherlands receives and reviews his new purchase. With a fairly new channel, he makes exciting detecting videos regularly. The excitement is awesome in this video, watch to see his review of his detector before and after the #detectedgear Carbon Shaft upgrade!

Tras La Huella (Chile, Language Español)

One for our Spanish speaking detectorists! Coyotin from Chile, unboxes his delivery from Detect-Ed. His videos show his huge passion for this hobby, explaining; "in search of treasures, coins, gold and also of good useful inventions, to make this crusade something more pleasant and optimal!"

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