Waterproof and Underwater Metal Detectors

Underwater metal detectors are highly specialised waterproof metal detectors which can handle the immense water pressures from diving as well as the difficult saltwater conditions which trick most metal detectors, they also tend to have loud clear audio which you can easily hear underwater.

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What is a true "Underwater Metal Detector"?

If its not already obvious, underwater metal detectors are intended for metal detecting underwater. They are fully waterproof metal detectors specifically designed for extended underwater use 

Are all waterproof detectors suitable for underwater?

It's very exciting to see that there are more and more waterproof metal detectors available but how many of these detectors are actually suitable for fully submerged underwater detecting?

If you're serious about taking your metal detector underwater often then it's highly recommended that you invest in a detector with a waterproof rating of at least 20m.  Higher waterproof ratings make for more reliable underwater metal detectors even if you only intend to take them into shallow waters.

Most important features of an underwater metal detector?

As mentioned earlier, a serious underwater metal detector should have a waterproof rating of at least 20m but there are a few other key features that you should look for in an underwater metal detector.

Loud and clear audio is essential for underwater metal detecting

Can Underwater Metal Detectors be used on land?

Underwater metal detectors can of course be used on land, the only reason an underwater detector might not be suitable for land is if it is a very small detector and not suitable for standing up with.

How much does an Underwater metal detector cost?


How deep Underwater can you take a metal detector?


Best Waterproof metal Metal Detector?

Waterproof metal detectors are a no brainer these days 

Best Underwater Metal detectors?