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250KG Lightweight Magnet

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Magnet Fishing, the new, exciting and surprising cousin to one of Australia's most popular hobbies... Fishing!


The 75mm Lightweight Magnet is a lightweight Magnet Fishing option and its also the perfect introduction to Magnet Fishing.  These Lightweight Class of magnets are very easy to throw while still packing a 250kg Pulling Force punch, capable of recovering some incredible lost and hidden objects. 

What can you find Magnet Fishing in Australia?

  • Safes/Lockboxes
  • Waterproof Action Cameras & GoPro's
  • Smart Phones, Smart Watches & other Electronics
  • Lost Fishing Gear
  • Guns/Ammo
  • Scooters & Bikes


Pulling Force: 250kg

Magnet Type: Single Sided

Material: Neodymium

Diameter: 75mm 


  • Keep away from Pacemakers.
  • These powerful Neodymium magnets can be drawn to objects at very high speed.
  • This magnetic attractive force increases with the size the magnet. Without proper care your extremities risk being caught between the magnet and other objects in close proximity.
  • Use at your own risk, ensure you've read and understand the safety warnings before use and always ensure children are supervised if using these magnets at all times.