Classic Equinox ULTIMATE Bundle + Headphones

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Have you got a new Minelab Equinox 600 or 800... or perhaps you've had yours and is well-loved and ready for some upgrades!

We've put together the ULTIMATE upgrade bundle to make sure you're ready with all the worthwhile upgrades as is massively popular with Equinox Metal Detector users worldwide.



1 x Detect-Ed Classic 3K Twill Carbon Shaft Set for Equinox 600/800

1 x Detect-Ed MDX-150 Headphones for Equinox 600/800

1 x SnakeSkinz Wire Sleeve Colour: Batskin

1 x Detect-Ed Alloy Arm Cuff

1 x Detect-Ed Treasure Pouch 2.0

1 x Detect-Ed Camo Cap

1 x Detect-Ed Coil Savers Pack

1 x Detect-Ed Sticker Pack