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Croc Magnet Fishing Gloves

Croc Magnet Fishing Gloves

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Croc Magnet Land & Sea Magnet Fishing Gloves

Introducing the Croc Magnet Land & Sea Gloves, your companion for Metal Detecting, Magnet Fishing, and Treasure Hunting.

All set to help you haul up your next magnet fishing find, grip the rope, and help protect your hands on your next magnet fishing adventure!

The Croc Magnet magnet fishing gloves are designed with the passionate adventurer in mind, the Land & Sea Gloves ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

Purpose-built for magnet fishing or metal detecting, these gloves feature high-grip, double-coated construction, without compromising on movement or dexterity. The wrinkled rubber coating protects your hands and facilitates easy coin cleaning. With full coverage and the Croc Magnets logo, these gloves help keep your hands grippy, clean, dry, and ready for any metal detecting or magnet fishing adventure.


  • Size XL (one size fits most)


  • Triple layer protection
  • High-grip wrinkled rubber
  • Waterproof to your knuckles
  • Full palm and finger protection
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