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CROC LR-700 [360° Magnet]

CROC LR-700 [360° Magnet]

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CROC MAGNETS: Long Range 360° Magnets

For serious magnet fishing, the LR (Long Range) series Croc Magnets have been specially made with magnet fishing in mind. These extremely powerful magnets produce a HUGELY EXTENDED 360° MAGNETIC FIELD which massively increases the range and amount of loot that you will find magnet fishing!

Longer Range - More Loot?

Serious loot potential... the LR CROC Magnets have 10x the Neodymium material and an effective range of 200% greater (minimum) compared to the same diameter standard fishing magnet when measured from the face!

To make things more interesting, the extended magnetic range surrounds the Croc Magnets 360°, unlike standard fishing magnets which have next to no magnetism on the sides or back of the magnet.

This extended 360-degree magnetic field exponentially increases the chances of snagging loot from underwater and even makes it possible to find difficult targets like GoPro's, phones, apple watches and other tech that standard magnets simply can't hang onto.

Who is The Croc LR-700 For?

Like all Croc Magnets, the LR-700 is extremely powerful and not a toy! It can be drawn to large magnetic objects from very surprising ranges which can catch users off guard because of its compact size. The LR-700 is a great way to become acquainted with extremely strong fishing magnets whilst also offering greater safety. We recommend the LR-700 to anyone serious about magnet fishing who wants a more compact and throwable magnet or wants a safer alternative than the larger Croc Magnet sizes.

Everything You Need in a Magnet Fishing Kit?

All Croc Magnets come Pre-Installed with the essential stainless protective shell & plate at no extra cost to keep the neodymium block safe during hard use. Croc Magnet Fishing Kits also include a strong magnet fishing rope and carabiner to fasten the rope to shore.

This Croc Magnet Fishing Kit also includes non-slip gloves and a padded hard case to safely transport all of your magnet fishing gear.

What can you find Magnet Fishing in Australia?

  • Lost Fishing Gear
  • Waterproof Action Cameras & GoPros
  • Smart Phones, Smart Watches & Other Electronics
  • Knives
  • Guns/Ammo
  • Scooters & Bikes
  • Safes/Lockboxes

Magnet Includes:

- LR-700 Croc Magnet

- LR-700 Branded Stainless Protective shell + Protective Plate (Pre-Installed)

- Pre Thread-Locked Bolt

- Quick Start/Safety Guide


Magnet Type: 360° LR Magnet

Material: Neodymium N52 & 304 Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 65mm Diameter x 22mm (60mm Including Ring) Height

Magnet Weight: 0.6kg

Thick Pulling Rope (20m)



  • Keep away from Pacemakers.
  • These powerful Neodymium magnets can be drawn to objects at very high speed.
  • This magnetic attractive force increases with the size of the magnet. Without proper care your extremities risk being caught between the magnet and other objects in close proximity.
  • Use at your own risk, ensure you've read and understand the safety warnings before use and always ensure children are supervised if using these magnets at all times.
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