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Compact Gold Monster 1000 ULTIMATE Bundle [COMPACT]

Compact Gold Monster 1000 ULTIMATE Bundle [COMPACT]

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COMPACT Gold Monster 1000 ULTIMATE Bundle

BONUS FREE Detect-Ed Scales + Detect-Ed Treasure Adventure Sticker Pack! [Valued at $24]

Have you got a new Minelab Gold Monster 1000? Or perhaps yours is well-loved and ready for some upgrades!

We've put together this ULTIMATE upgrade bundle that includes not only some important gold hunting gear and Detect-Ed Accessories, but also our extremely lightweight and tough Detect-Ed Compact Carbon Shaft with Detect-Ed Alloy Arm Cuff as is proving popular with other Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector users!


1 x Compact Gold Monster Carbon Shaft

1 x Equinox / Gold Monster Alloy Arm Cuff

1 x Detect-Ed Treasure Scales

*Gold and rings not included.

3 x Glass Gold Vials 

1 x Detect-Ed Camo Cap

1 x Detect-Ed Sticker Pack

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