The Legend Pro Hunter Bundle

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We've specially curated this one-of-a kind Hunter Bundle for the Legend Pro Package for the treasure hunter who's looking to get set up with just about everything you could need in nearly any environment. It has been specifically curated for you in order to bring together a range of essential Nokta metal-detecting gear that will help you hunt for those coins, relics or gold nuggets that all lie in wait off the beaten path!

1. The Legend Metal Detector[PRO PACK]

Check out the ongoing Detect-Ed Skill Series for a clear, concise and in-depth look at the Legend Metal Detector HERE!

*Ships with the latest Software Version Pre-Installed

The Legend
 Metal Detector by Nokta is a true "All-Rounder" expressly designed for every detecting location and scenario. 

Featuring Turn On & Go Modes for Beach, Field, Park and Gold, The Legend Metal Detector makes no sacrifices to achieve great performance in every metal detecting niche. The pre-set modes are adapted to each environment so that new users can turn the metal detector on and start swinging right out of the box, but don't be fooled though, The Legend metal detector is incredibly versatile and its customization options will make even the most experienced metal detector users happy.

Nokta's new metal detector uses true Simultaneous Multi Frequency (SMF) technology to give it unparalleled metal detection depth in even the most challenging soil conditions.  What further sets Nokta metal detectors apart is the excellent attention to detail in regards to both design and build quality.  The Legend's ergonomics, ease of use and advanced SMF tech will no doubt build on Nokta's reputation!

Find the full overview of the new Legend metal detector HERE or d
ownload or view The Legend manual HERE.

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (SMF)

SMF technology gives greater detection depth, higher ID accuracy and far greater performance in salt water than any single frequency detector.  Harnessing search frequencies between 4kHz and 40kHz simultaneously means The Legend Metal Detector can actually detect a much broader range of targets types all at the same time. 

  • 4 Search Modes - Park, Field, Beach, Goldfield
  • Built-in Clock and Time Tracking
  • Bluetooth aptX™ Low Latency Headphones
  • IP68 -  Waterproof up to 3m. / 10ft
  • Telescopes down to 63cm for easy transport and underwater use
  • Carbon Fiber Middle & Lower Shaft
  • 3 Years Australian Warranty


  • Ferrocheck
  • Bottle Cap Rejection
  • Fully Waterproof & Submersible (IP68)
  • Advanced Discrimination Settings
  • Frequency Shift & Noise Cancellation
  • Recovery Speed Setting
  • 60 Target IDs & Harmonic Tones
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • 4 Custom User Profiles
  • Easy Operation
  • Vibration
  • Backlit LCD & LED Flashlight
  • Lightweight (1.4kg / 3.0Ibs)
  • Long Battery Life
  • Online Firmware Updates













1 - The Legend Metal Detector
2 - LG30 Waterproof DD Search Coil 30cm/12" x 9" with Cover
3 - LG15 Waterproof DD Search Coil 15cm/6" ​with Cover
4 - Bluetooth AptX™ Low Latency Headphones
5 - Waterproof Replaceable Spare Battery & Charger
6 - The Legend Cap
7 - USB Charging & Data Cable
8 - Headphones Soft Case
9 - User Manual, A4 Magazine Style (Not Pictured).


2. BONUS FREE Detect-Ed Screen Protectors (The Legend)


Unlike traditional film screen protectors, our Nano-Glass screen protectors are made from an extremely scratch and impact resistant hardened glass.  The Nano-Glass is also extremely flexible making it very easy to apply to your metal detectors screen.

Designed specifically for The Nokta Legend Metal Detector, these screen protectors will keep your display screen beautifully crisp and clear.  Mud can be easily wiped off of this glass without fear of scratching the screen and the waterproof backing means that the protector is unaffected by water.

The Nano-Glass screen protector can easily be removed and replaced and will not leave any residue on your metal detectors screen.


  • 3 Nano-Glass screen protectors for The Legend by Nokta.

  • Flexible for easy application to your metal detector screen.

  • Highly scratch and impact resistant.

  • Hides existing micro scratches.

  • Includes dry and wet cloth for easy application.

  • Waterproof adhesion.

  • Installation Instructions Included.

3. BONUS FREE Detect-Ed Treasure Pouch


Metal Detecting Finds Bag

The Land & Sea Treasure Pouch by Detect-Ed is a low-profile, high-quality treasure bag made for detectorists! Purpose-built for metal detecting on the land or at the beach.

It features two zip pockets to separate finds and rubberized internal mesh to allow water to drain out... whilst still holding the finest targets such as chains and earrings!

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty plastic zippers, no rust, and no seizing
  • Two pockets with tough rubberized mesh, impervious to sharp objects
  • Strong belt webbing with side release buckle and 'one size fits all' adjustment
  • Mesh bottom to allow water to drain out
  • Carabiner for holding rings or attaching tools
  • Stainless Steel Eyelet for pinpointer lanyard
  • Pull loop on zippers to easily find zips when detecting
  • Sleek low profile design to hold all your metal detecting finds


  • Pouch dimensions: 27cm x 21.5cm (10.6" x 8.4 "inches)
  • Adjustable belt size: 56cm - 124cm (22"- 48.8" inches) 


4. PulseDive Pin Pointer

Description: Looking for a quality and extremely durable metal detecting pinpointer for your treasure hunting adventures? The PulseDive Pinpointer will provide you with unique features that will enrich your detecting experience!

- Waterproof to 60m
Waterproof IP68 rating (200ft)

- Pulse Induction
This powerful technology allows for very stable operation in saltwater or in any type of soil.

- Built-in Wireless Module
Compatible with the Nokta 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones.

- Detection Alerts & Indicators
1. Audio Only Mode
2. Vibration Only Mode
3. Audio AND Vibration Mode
Plus, there's a flashing LED Indicator in addition to all of the above

- LED Flashlight
Easily see your target at night or when hunting underwater.

- Rapid Retune
Ensures stable operation of the device with the push of one button.

- Dive Mode
Provides easier operation underwater by locking the keys and preventing them to be pressed by water pressure while deep diving.

- USB Rechargeable
Easily recharge with the included mini USB cable, it has a great battery life!

- Lost Alarm
After 5 minutes of inactivity, the device emits an audible alarm and LED starts flashing.

- Replaceable Hard-Shell Case
The replaceable pointer coil comes with a hard-shell protection case to prevent wear of the detection tip.

What's in the box?
1 - System Box

2 - Replaceable Scuba Coil & Hard-Shell Case
3 - Belt Holster
4 - Security Lanyard
5 - Battery Compartment Cover For Land Use
6 - USB Charging Cable
7 - User Manual

5. Nokta Backpack

Description: The Multi-Purpose backpack by Nokta is designed to carry your metal detectors, all of your metal detecting accessories and gear.  

A comfortable metal detecting bag large enough to carry your metal detector, extra coils, pinpointer, digging tools, chargers and all other metal detecting accessories, the multi-purpose backpack is great for getting to remote locations or transporting your detecting gear safely in the car or on the plane.

Dimensions:  80cm x 30cm x 20cm

6. Snake Skinz (Batskin)

Note: If you'd like a different Snake Skinz colour please include a note on your order and we'll swap it for you.

Snake Skinz are Coil wire protective sleeves, and a great way to customize your metal detector in a matter of seconds. These are made by Andy O'neal in the USA.

Compatibility: Snake Skinz are compatible with the Nokta Legend, Simplex, Kruzer, and Anfibio metal detectors, as well as the Minelab Equinox Metal Detector Series.

Key Features:
- Extremely lightweight
- Keeps their flexibility under a wide range of temperatures
- Made from high-end polyester
- Easy to install
- Cut and abrasion-resistant

*For best results: Watch the installation video (link provided on the package) and ensure the wire sleeve is doubled over on both ends upon installation to avoid fraying.

Made in the USA, distributed by Detect-Ed in Australia.

Please note: This metal detecting package can only be shipped within Australia.