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Software updates are totally free for you to do at home, and let you enjoy extra benefits and features as they're released.

At Detect-Ed Australia, we know that updating your Metal Detector to the newest software isn't always easy, you might not have a PC at home... or perhaps you just prefer our team to complete your software update for you!

It's one way we can support this awesome hobby and the great people who support us.

- Nokta Makro Legend update to V1.05
- Nokta Makro Simplex+ update to V2.78
- XP DEUS II update to Version 0.6


1. Add this product to your cart and complete the checkout process (providing your address and just a $15 payment to cover return postage cost).

2. Remove your control pod by undoing the single screw, pack it in a box with adequate padding (ie: bubble wrap) and seal well with tape. 

3. Include your name and contact details clearly inside the box so we know who to return it to.

4. Mail it to:
Service Department
U 48, 249 Shellharbour Rd Port Kembla NSW 2505
Phone: 0423 225 994

Important: Ensure it is sent with tracking, express post is best and please keep a copy of the tracking number.

5. Detect-Ed will receive your metal detector control pod and update it to the newest official software update file within 2 business days, and express post it back to you.

Please note:

*This service is available to Australian residents only.
*Products are posted at your own risk, ensure they are labelled and packaged well.