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Waterproof Headphones for The Legend & Simplex+

Waterproof Headphones for The Legend & Simplex+

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The LS PELSO’s, made in Hungary are loud, clear, fully waterproof headphones available for Nokta Makro metal detectors!

Using truly waterproof speakers these headphones differentiate themselves from other waterproof headphones that use simple piezo transducers (essentially a metal disc), the end result being clear, loud, and consistent volume across the tonal range.

These plug directly into the detector and provide a fully waterproof connection. They include a low weight extended cable that threads through the arm cuff strap to avoid putting stress directly on the connector and leaves the operator free to move around.


- Suits the Legend, Simplex+, Anfibio Series & Kruzer Series

- Waterproof to 3 metres

- Loud Consistent Volume 

- 1 Year Warranty

- Extended low-weight cable to avoid stressing waterproof connections

- Fully Waterproof connections and speaker

 - Made In Europe

*Detector for illustration purposes only, not affiliated or designed by Nokta Makro

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