Overview | Gold Finder 2000

Overview | Gold Finder 2000

The newest release from Nokta Makro is the Gold Finder 2000.  We know what you're thinking... no it's not the highly-highly-anticipated Multi-Frequency Machine just yet - however in good news it is a brand new dedicated gold detector that's just had a surprise launch onto the global market after being specifically commissioned for the current gold rush in Africa!

The Gold Finder 2000 builds on the highly successful Gold Kruzer to create an extremely easy to use ‘turn on and go’ gold detector made for the toughest gold fields!


The Gold Finder 2000 is a true ‘TURN ON AND GO’ gold detector.  With its fully automatic operation and easy to understand LCD screen the GF2000 is the perfect first gold detector for you and the family.

The fully automatic ground balancing and basic button layout means anyone can understand and use the Gold Finder 2000 in a matter of minutes.

The well laid out LCD screen displays a large Ferrous/Non-Ferrous indicator up the top so you have a great idea about whether you’ve just detected a piece of iron or whether it's something more valuable!


Although very simple to use, the Gold Finder 2000 incorporates an advanced, high frequency circuit. This high 61kHz search frequency gives the GF2000 extreme sensitivity to even the smallest gold nuggets that lower frequency gold detectors are likely to pass over.


The low weight and ergonomic construction of the Gold Finder make it comfortable to use. The rubberised grip and fully adjustable length means that users of any height and size can easily use the Gold Finder for hours on end.  Adjustments to the arm cuff distance and pole length are possible in seconds making it incredibly easy to switch users when out in the field.



Nokta Makro has put the Gold Finder 2000 in a rugged and rainproof housing. The pod that houses the electronics is the same tough design found on some of the company's other popular detectors. This well proven design will withstand the environment of the harsh Australian goldfields and shrug off any rain that you may encounter so your detecting day won't have to end prematurely.

Speaking of ending a detecting session short, the lack of sunlight can be a bit of a deterrent am I right!? Luckily the Gold Finder features a backlit LCD screen, easily readable in the dark as well as forward facing LED torch-like lights to help you easily see where you are swinging.


We have several units with our field testers across Australia right now, with promising results expected. Of course we'll be sure to report back with updates and pictures of the shiny stuff from Aussie soil soon, so stay tuned!


As with all Nokta Makro Detectors, the Gold Finder 2000 comes with a 2-Year Australian Warranty with all servicing handled by the Aussie Technical Service Centre operated from our premises in NSW. So, there's no worrying about needing to send it overseas should you need anything in the future.


This machine retails for $1,249 (AUD), with two search coils, a host of accessories, a quality collapsible shaft and upgraded automatic tech inside. It sits a little higher in price range than the Gold Kruzer, but we think the benefit of being able to get out detecting faster without the need for detailed settings is a big plus for many!


The Gold Finder 2000 metal detector is a great value unit with a heap of extras to make your gold prospecting adventures easier, check them out below.


  • Gold Finder 2000 Metal Detector

  • Large Waterproof Search Coil (GK26C) for deeper and larger gold 

  • Small Waterproof Search Coil (GF13) for tight areas and super small gold

  • Wireless Speaker

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Headphones + Headphone Adapter

  • System Box Carrying Case

  • User Manual


If you'd like to learn more or order your own Gold Finder 2000, Click Here.

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Hi, is it just for gold?


How deep does it find gold

Martin Eastwood

hi is this a pi machine or a analogue machine, as I am wondering if it is annolouge will it punch through hot rocks like the Donnelly/marybourough areas of vic as at present no analogue machine has been successfully only pi machines curious regards pat


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