Customer service is a thing of beauty when done right. It creates confidence when buying equipment, especially expensive equipment like a metal detector... If you want to back a company that values it's customers and their experience then Detect-Ed is your shop!"

Chris, Vo-Gus Prospecting (YouTube)

Well what can we say but... WOW. Detect-Ed keep up the great work... fine craftsmanship and fast delivery.

Dirty Diggers UK

Detect-Ed products are by far, my favorite way to easily transform my gear into lightweight, customized configurations for every situation.

Brandon Neice, DrTones24k & Dirt Fishing America

Awesome light and sturdy Carbon Shafts from Detect-Ed highly recommend!

Leigh, Bondi Treasure Hunter

The ultimate solution! The Detect-Ed shaft… it’s lighter, it’s solid - which I like a lot! It’s easy to use… very easy, very simple to put together. No wobble whatsoever on it! It’s my main use on my everyday machine"

Gigmaster (Youtube)