Detect-Ed isย operating with business as usual in regards to all customer communications and dispatching of orders. Allย orders are being dispatched in the normal swiftย manner.ย However, beyond our control - shipments to some locations are experiencing significant delaysย (especially to the UK and Europe).

All orders (including those to international locations) are sent via Australia Post. Pleaseย check hereย for the latest updates from Australia Post.

Customer service is a thing of beauty when done right. It creates confidence when buying equipment, especially expensive equipment like a metal detector... If you want to back a company that values it's customers and their experience then Detect-Ed is your shop!"

Chris, Vo-Gus Prospecting (YouTube)

Detect-Ed products are by far, my favorite way to easily transform my gear into lightweight, customized configurations for every situation.

Brandon Neice, DrTones24k & Dirt Fishing America

Awesome light and sturdy Carbon Shafts from Detect-Ed highly recommend!

Leigh, Bondi Treasure Hunter

Well what can we say but... WOW.

Detect-Ed keep up the great work... fine craftsmanship and fast delivery.

Dirty Diggers UK

The ultimate solution!

The Detect-Ed shaftโ€ฆ itโ€™s lighter, itโ€™sย solidย - which I like a lot! Itโ€™s easy to useโ€ฆ very easy, very simple to put together. No wobble whatsoever on it! Itโ€™s my main use and everyday machine and shaft.

Gigmaster (Youtube)