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  • What is the strongest fishing magnet?

    Simply put, the strongest fishing magnets are the taller cylindrical ones which are often referred to as 360 degree fishing magnets, they have immense magnetic range and holding strength which far exceeds any flat single sided or double sided fishing magnets. Generally speaking, larger fishing magnets will be stronger than smaller ones but the360 degree fishing magnets are much stronger and more effective than flat style fishing magnets, because of the unique abilities they provide when in use that you can't get any other way. You never know when you'll catch something BIG but when it does, you'll want a strong magnet with good magnetic range in order to hang onto it, and retrieve it up onto dry land.

  • What are 360 degree fishing magnets? 

    Three-Hundred and Sixty Degree fishing magnets such as the Croc Magnet Series, which have been designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of magnet fishing, are equally magnetic on all surfaces and produce much stronger magnetic fields than the common single or double sided fishing magnets.

    The strength, holding power and range of 360 degree fishing magnets allow them to not only attract metal objects much further away from the fishing magnet or that contain only trace amounts of magnetic material (such as electronics), but they can also hold on to irregularly shaped objects much more easily(nearly everything you find, or would want to find).

  • What is the best type of fishing magnet? 

    The truth is most objects (for example, the kinds of things you actually want to find) are not large and flat chunks of steel, they’re highly irregular in shape and size. This is also a huge big factor in your fishing magnets ability to recover electronics such as Fitbits, Apple Watches and Go-Pros because these devices often only contain tract amounts of magnetic material and thereforeyou’ll be far better served with a Long-Range, 360 degree taller style magnet.While flat style fishing magnets can be extremely powerful, in order to take full advantage of their magnetic pulling force ,they rely heavily on having as much surface area contact between the magnetic surface and an object as possible.

    If you’re using a flat style fishing magnet, regardless of the fishing magnets rating, you’d need to pull up something like a large and flat chunk of steel in order to bring the fishing magnets full force to bear.

  • How do Long-Range (LR) fishing magnets compare?

    There is one huge difference between other flatter style Neodymium fishing magnets and taller style Neodymium fishing magnets: Longer range! Neodymium fishing magnets that are on the taller side compared to flat style fishing magnets are able to project a significantly larger magnetic field, giving them Long-Range. On top of that, if you’re using a fishing magnet that features 360 degrees of attraction (many fishing magnets are only attractive on just one or sometimes two sides), this 360 degree attraction will greatly increase your catch rate, because while your fishing magnet is being pulled along the bottom both the magnet and its magnetic attraction field is rolling and tumbling around randomly in the process. 

    Long-Range and 360 degree fishing magnets have a vastly improved ability to recover electronics such as Fitbits, Apple Watches and Go-Pros as well because these devices often only contain tract amounts of magnetic material.

  • What is the best size for a fishing magnet? 

    The larger your fishing magnet the better, generally speaking. Taller and larger fishing magnets have significantly greater ranges than smaller or flatter ones. With a larger fishing magnet you’ll be able to pull up more with each cast, pull up larger objects with each cast and increase the range from the magnet that metal objects will become attracted to the fishing magnet.

    Many valuables such aselectronics often only contain trace amounts of magnetic material, so your fishing magnet will have a better chance of recovering thoseas well, especially when combined with 360 degrees of magnetic attraction all around your chosen fishing magnet.

    For kids or people not as confident in their muscular abilities, we reccomend sizing down your magnet choice so you can pull it off the items you find.

  • What do the best fishing magnet kits contain?

    A good fishing magnet kit makes it easy and convenient for you to start magnet fishing straight out of the box because everything you need is included!

    The obvious essentials in a fishing magnet kit are a strong magnet and a good rope but the best magnet fishing kits also include a hard-case to safely store the fishing magnet in (keep a fishing magnet from making direct contact with magnetic items and possibly pinching you when being carried or getting stuck on something unintentionally), a stainless magnet cover (to protect the fragile Neodymium magnet during use), gloves(to protect your hands and provide extra grip when pulling up the fishing magnet attached to your next find!) and lastly a treadlocking solution(so you don’t lose your fishing magnet from a loose bolt!).

  • What can you find with a fishing magnet in Australia?

    Whether it was a favourite pair of Ray-Ban sunnies, an Apple Watch watch, a safe, or simply the spark plug from a boat, most people who have spent any amount of time on the water have probably lost something in said water(sometimes intentionally).

    Surprisingly, a high proportion of lost stuff contains at least a small amount of magnetic material making them common things that you can find with your fishing magnet! It’s astonishing what you can find with a fishing magnet,there is an unimaginable amount of cool stuff lost in Australian waterways never to be seen again.

    Although Australia isn't known for its extensive metalworking history like other countries, we are still a country covered in very popular lakes, rivers and estuaries and therefore an abundance of places to go and treasure to find with your fishing magnet.

  • Is it legal to use a fishing magnet in Australia?

    Magnet fishing is a new, exciting and growing hobby here, and just like regular fishing it’s fully legal in Australia. At the end of the day, whether it be treasure or a bit of scrap, you’re pulling things out of the water that shouldn’t be there which benefits everyone. It’s a great idea to take any scrap you find with you too, because a fishing magnet can pretty easily pay itself off with any scrap metal you cash in(depending on current scrap metal prices).

    It pays dividends to leave places cleaner than when you found them, so what better way to make sure you’ll always have the opportunity to pull up some treasure with your awesome fishing magnet!