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  • What can you find with a metal detector in Australia?

    Using a metal detector in Australia allows you to uncover a massive range of lost and fascinating treasures. While metal detectors can find any metal, they’re most commonly used in Australia to find lost treasures such as gold nuggets, modern and historical coinage, lost jewellery, relics and more!

    It’s actually possible to pay off your metal detecting gear with one really good find or even just our modern coins like the $1 and $2 alone. Every find can add up quickly building your own treasure collection that you can keep or sell.

  • Where can you use a metal detector in Australia?

    Metal detectors can be used in many different places all across Australia.

    If you’re drawn to gold prospecting, there are huge gold-rich and designated gold fossicking areas all over Australia that can be searched with an affordable mining right or permit relevant to your state. If you ask and get direct permission from the owner, private property can be searched, and public areas such as beaches and parks can be searched too (with respect for any local laws and regulations).

  • Are metal detectors easy to use?

    Today, it is now possible for virtually anyone to pick up a high performance metal detector with little or no instruction and simply start metal detecting without any fuss. Many metal detectors today not only have simple, easy to understand displays and button layouts, but they also feature“ pre-set search modes”. These pre-set search modes (such as beach modes for the beach, park modes for the park, etc) are pre-programmed for use in different environments, are designed to be generally optimised for those environments, andtypically require little to no adjustment when you’re out metal detecting.Some metal detectors can even automatically tune themselves to the environment around them while you're metal detecting! This kind of automatic “Ground Balance” means you don’t need to worry so much if, due to changing ground conditions, you need to retune your metal detector to maintain performance.

    Metal detectors that are easy to use and understand, feature pre-set search modes and have easy or even automatic ground balancing capabilities can be called “turn-on-and-go”.

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  • What are gold metal detectors?

    Despite what the name might suggest, gold metal detectors aren’t only able to detect gold metal. They’re simply designed to perform very well when it comes to detecting gold in the goldfields (especially small and tiny gold), and they also have the ability to do this with a much higher degree of stability, sensitivity and depth compared to other kinds of metal detectors in the Australian goldfields.For us Aussies this is extremely important because most of our rich gold-bearing ground is typically also rich in other minerals as well as iron, which massively interferes with a metal detector's ability to penetrate the ground and detect the gold you want to find.

    If you need a metal detector that’s up to the task of gold prospecting ,look for one with either Multi-Frequency or Pulse Induction technology! Pulse Induction gold detectors tend to have much better performance and depth in these environments, but they can't distinguish between different metals at all, meaning you have to dig absolutely everything because you won't know what it is! Multi-Frequency gold detectors are able to give you more detail about what the buried target is most likely to be and can be set up or tuned to “ignore” things you don’t want to dig.

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  • What metal detectors are best for the beach?

    Metal detectors for the beach can be used (fully waterproof and submersible) and perform well in the dry sands, wet salty sands, in the salt water itself or ideally all three.

    Some beach metal detectors feature great performance on land as well as the drier sands at the beach (especially on a budget!), and they’re often great for beginners.

    However they can begin to lose depth and stability around salt water, because salt water is conductive enough to interfere with metal detectors that aren’t using tech designed to “see through” the negative effects of salt water. Metal detectors that use “Multi-Frequency” technology are able to do just that, which is also what gives them very high performance in these and many other environments.

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  • What is a pinpointer metal detector?

    Pinpointers are mini handheld metal detectors that use a mixture of beeps and vibration to tell you the precise pinpoint location of the buried target you have found with your main metal detector.

    Pinpointers for metal detecting are one of the 3 most crucial bits of gear you’ll need alongside your main metal detector. A pointers uses a small and very precise detection field at one end (known as the probe), to alert you the closer the pinpointer probe is to your metal target hidden in the hole. Pinpointers are also referred to with a variety of names including, metal detecting wand, pointer, metal detecting probe and even pro pointer.

    A pin pointer is needed to very precisely find your target's location in the ground. If you’ve ever lost something in the grass or sand, you’d know how extremely difficult it is to find, even if you know the general spot you lost it.

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  • Can a metal detector find any kind of metal object?

    All-rounder metal detectors are considered to be able to achieve very high performance in a broad range of environments (such as the beach, on land, in the goldfields etc) and on a wide variety of metal object target types (gold nuggets, coins, relics and jewellery etc).

    An all-rounder metal detector might not be able to achieve the same performance in, for example, the goldfields as the very best (and very expensive) solely dedicated gold prospecting metal detectors can. However what makes them special is that they're perfect for people who need one high performance metal detector that can be used in nearly any kind of situation.

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