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Treasure Tactix | 3 Beach Detecting Secrets (GOLD!)

We have been beach detecting for quite a while now and have worked out a few nuggets of information along the way that can help you. Whether you're metal detecting for the fun of it, the mental relaxation, or keenly searching for gold jewellery or rings... these tips just might help you walk away with a bigger smile (and a fuller treasure pouch) from your future detecting sessions.

Treasure Tactix | Digger Vs. Shovel

It might seem trivial...“Any old Garden Trowel will do!” I hear someone in the back yell. Technically this is true, if you're on a tight budget, just getting started or maybe you don’t want to go all in on the bells and whistles since you aren’t sure if you’ll really like detecting yet.(Spoiler Alert: We’re confident you will!).  There’s nothing wrong with being resourceful and using what you can pull together at home (images of a modified garden trowel with serrated edging come to mind), however there are quite a number of benefits to taking it to the next level with some upgraded and purpose built tools which we’ll get into below.

The Best Metal Detector for the Beach?

All of the best beach detectors have a few things in common, these unique qualities are essential for those beach detectorists looking to find the deepest treasures in the most difficult environments.