Detect-Ed Australia: Passion Meets Innovation in Metal Detecting.

Founded in 2018 by Edward Burnett, an avid young treasure hunter who transformed a personal need into a pioneering accessory for metal detecting, and now a dedicated metal detecting store.

Detect-Ed Australia has rapidly become a beacon for enthusiasts across the globe. Born from a desire to enhance the treasure hunting experience, our company has evolved into a premier online store for metal detecting equipment, trusted by customers and leading brands in Australia and overseas.

Our Mission

At Detect-Ed Australia, we believe metal detecting is more than a hobby—it's an adventure, a way to explore and uncover the hidden stories of the past. Our mission is to equip you with the best tools for your journey, supporting every step with unparalleled customer service, deep industry knowledge, and a genuine love for the hunt.

Our Products

With a deep understanding of Metal Detectors, we choose to specialise in the Nokta and XP brands predominantly, offering a quality range of metal detectors for beach treasure hunting, gold prospecting, coin and relic hunting on land, and underwater exploration. Our own Detect-Ed line of premium accessories—born from real-world experience and designed for durability—complements our carefully curated selection of digging tools, carry bags, and upgrade parts.

Who We Serve

From novices embarking on their first treasure hunt to seasoned prospectors seeking to unearth the extraordinary, our products cater to all. We're here to help you begin, advance, and excel in your treasure hunting and prospecting adventures, providing expert advice and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Innovation and Community

Innovation is at the heart of Detect-Ed. Our unique solutions, crafted to withstand the challenges of harsh environments, reflect our hands-on experience and dedication to the community. We actively participate in expos, sponsor clubs and group hunts, and delight in organizing Treasure Adventure hunts to engage and give back to our passionate community.

Your Success Is Our Story

The thrilling discoveries and adventures shared by our customers inspire us daily. These stories, showcased on our website and social media, highlight the real impact of our products on treasure hunting experiences.

Looking Ahead

Detect-Ed Australia is committed to the future of metal detecting, constantly seeking innovative gear to enhance our shared passion. Our vision is to expand our offerings, bringing quality, range, and value to a broader audience, while maintaining our customer-focused approach that has defined us from the start.

Join the Adventure

To learn more about our products, share your discoveries, or embark on your metal detecting journey, contact us through our primary channels and follow us on social media for updates, tips, and community highlights.








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