What to look for in a Metal Detecting Beach Scoop

What to look for in a Metal Detecting Beach Scoop


After many years of beach metal detecting in Australia, countless hours in the sand and surf, and after many broken beach sand scoops and detecting days cut short, we reveal what to look out for in your next beach sand scoop. Setting yourself up for more fun and more awesome finds has never been easier!

When it comes to metal detecting at the beach, a reliable and well-thought out sand scoop can make all the difference, cutting down the time and effort it takes you to find each item in the sand. But with so many options on the market, which features should you prioritize when choosing a beach sand scoop?

Uncover the key qualities below that make for an ideal companion on your beach-hunting adventures…

1. Shallow Nose Angle: 

Look for a sand scoop with a shallow nose angle and streamlined shoulders. This design allows for easy manoeuvrability, particularly in denser, rocky and shelly substrates where valuable targets like gold are often found. 

This is important because as any seasoned Aussie beach hunter will tell you, the best conditions for metal detecting on Australian beaches are when a lot (or all) of the sand has been removed, exposing rocks, shells, clay or other tough substrates. It’s these kinds of conditions where a shallow nose angle turns frustrating and time-consuming digs into fun and efficient digs!

2. Reclined Handle Angle:

Ergonomics play a crucial role in ensuring comfort and reducing fatigue during extended hunts. Opt for a sand scoop with a reclined handle angle, which enables you to dig more vertically and reach deeper targets with less effort. Less effort per dig means you can dig for longer, and longer hunts result in more finds.

Why is this important? Lost treasures sink fast in the beach sands, especially heavier metals like gold, so a scoop that can easily be angled straight down will be able to reach deeper with each scoop and recover those deeper targets in less time!

3. Longer Scoop Body:  

A longer scoop body is advantageous for retrieving deep targets with fewer scoops as well. This feature minimizes the risk of losing valuable finds, especially when hunting in or near water where targets can quickly sink deeper into the sand as you dig. When you combine a longer scoop body with a reclined handle, you have truly potent beach metal detecting combination.

A crucial development that many people don’t realise that nowadays is that the depth of many modern beach metal detectors (special shoutout to the Deus 2) have begun to really push or exceed the limits of beach scoops and beach sieves that haven’t evolved much at all in a long time!

4. Speed & Efficiency: 

Choose a sand scoop that prioritizes speed and efficiency. Importantly, a lightweight design and well-balanced construction makes it faster to dig, sieve, carry or drag, allowing you to cover more ground and uncover hidden treasures more efficiently.

Heavier beach sand scoop designs can certainly get the job done well enough, but having a scoop that is at least just a strong (if not more) but much lighter is a big quality of life upgrade!

5. Durable Construction: 

Durability is key when selecting a beach sand scoop. Look for scoops made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, with reinforced joints and welds for added strength and longevity.

You might think that going for a cheap scoop, especially if you’re starting out, may be the way to go at first. However if you find yourself at the beach during those very rare hunts when it’s been heavily eroded by waves or storms, the absolute last thing you want to happen is for your cheaper scoop to fail on you, forcing a frustrating and disapointing end to the hunt.

Why is this important? Well, the best beach conditions for finding the best treasures like gold and silver are also the toughest and most hostile ones for a beach scoop. You’ll potentially be digging into black sand, rocks, shells and clay. To say a rugged and durable scoop pays dividends in the long run would be an understatement! We know many people who’ve broken multiple scoops, thereby spending more overall. Instead, we highly recommending spending a little more once, on a scoop that will last a lot longer, rather than replacing it often.

6. Comfortable Handle:  

A comfortable handle is essential for an easier and more comfortable beach metal detecting experience. Opt for a sand scoop with a comfortable grip that minimizes strain on your hands and wrists when dragging or carrying the scoop along, allowing you to detect for longer periods without discomfort.

Why is this important? Our team has put countless hours on scoops that simply feature a straight pole, and can attest to the difference even a humble handle makes when we’re on a hunt! Sand is obviously super abraisive and when holding onto a sandy scoop pole, it takes a toll on your hands and is awkward to manouvere. An ergonomic grip that allows you to easily pull the scoop out of the hole, flip it over and drag it behind you is a game changer.

7. Highly Polished Finish:  

While a polished finish may catch the eye with its shiny finish, its true value lies in its ability to protect your sand scoop, prolong its lifespan, and keep it performing at its best even after countless hours of exposure to the harsh beach environment.

Why is this important? Polishing on the scoop reduces corrosion from the saltwater and helps to maintain the appearance and integrity of the scoop for longer!

8. Portability:

Some scoops offer the ability to pull it apart, with easy locking pins or bolt together parts, these solutions still mean you can enjoy the benefits of a long handled scoop, so you don’t have to bend down as often, while giving you the flexibility of dismantling when required.

Why is this important? No matter how near to home or far away you plan on travelling to your next treasure laden beach location, portability is an important consideration. The smaller a scoop can be packed down, the easier transport and storage will be. The ability to disassemble your scoop will also greatly aid in washing it out after a hunt.

In Conclusion: 

When it comes to beach metal detecting, choosing the right sand scoop can significantly enhance your metal detecting experience with more finds, more fun and more ground covered.

After many years of using and testing every scoop design that’s out there, we’ve developed our own scoop design making it easy to find all these features in your next scoop! Check out the Detect-Ed Beach Scoop, available now.

Happy hunting!

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