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  • What metal detecting shovel is best on land? 

    Dedicated metal detecting shovels and digging tools for treasure hunting on land provide a number of important and special advantages over the traditional and humble shovel or garden trowel, primarily that they save you massive amounts of time and energy plus they’re significantly easier to use.

    There are actually two main kinds of metal detecting shovels for land, full-sized shovels and smaller compact hand-held digging knives. In a sensitive park environment, a full sized metal detecting shovel will probably not be appropriate or appreciated. So this is where your smaller hand digging tool comes in to cut smaller holes without a fuss. In other areas, such as the bush or a paddock, a full sized metal detecting shovel is ideal, allowing you to more easily cut and dig deeper and larger holes. 

    Generally, it’s a good idea to carry both of these crucial metal detecting tools with you in your detecting backpack or car if you can, so that you’re always prepared for any situation!

  • What metal detecting sand scoop is best at the beach?

    Metal detecting at the beach is very different from metal detecting on land in a few important ways. Firstly, it is much easier to dig in the sand than it is in the dirt, rocks and grass. Secondly, the sand at the beach or in the water is loose and can be sifted easily. Lastly, the consistency of dry or wet sand means that when you create a hole, the sand or water wants to rush in and collapse the hole.

    What all this means for any beach-inclined treasure hunter is the need for a durable, corrosion resistant sand scoop with a wide enough mouth for scooping sand and enough holes that allow you to shake the scoop in the air or water to sift out all the sand. These holes need to be large enough that the sand in your scoop or sieve can fall out efficiently, but not so large that your freshly dug ring or coin falls out, or the strength of the scoop itself is compromised.

  • Do I need a Pinpointer for metal detecting?

    If you’ve ever lost something in the grass or sand, you’d know how extremely difficult it is to find, even if you know the general spot you lost it. Even expert hobbyists won’t be caught out without a pin pointer. This is because they completely eliminate the guesswork and time spent frustrated trying to precisely locate the next treasure. Your metal target could be hidden anywhere inside the hole or even buried deeper down!

    The reality is that most objects are extremely well hidden in the dirt, sand or mud. Just poking and scraping around with your hands is a sure fire way to become frustrated and waste a lot of your precious time and energy. 

    At the end of the day, more time saved per dig equals more treasures found!