Review | One year of the Nokta Makro Simplex+

Review | One year of the Nokta Makro Simplex+

2024 UPDATE:
Nokta have recently launched the next generation of the Simplex Series! Click on the new Simplex ULTRA to learn more!
A closer look at the Simplex, the worlds first fully featured and fully waterproof Metal Detector available at an entry level price point.

It's been 12 months now since the highly anticipated Simplex+ Metal Detector was released and it has been shaking up the hobby ever since. At Detect-Ed we thought it was worth re-evaluating this detectors features now that there is vast amounts of customer feedback available. Especially considering there have been some worthwhile updates to the software and some incredible finds made!

Firstly, lets talk about its release; the Simplex+ was released in two versions, one version without any headphones (you can use the onboard speaker) and one version including wireless headphones called the 'Simplex+ WHP'.  It  was designed with the intention of being simple to operate, yet powerful enough for the experts... and at a price point not seen before.

One year on, what are the stand out features?

The Simplex, unlike any detectors in its price range, offers a host of features including some of our teams favourites:

Wireless Capability to allow for un-tethered use with cable-free wireless headphones.

Notch Discrimination or selective “cherry picking” of wanted targets while ignoring volumes of trash targets.

Telescopic Design which can collapse down small, useful for transport or to give the kids a go!

Fully Waterproof to an impressive 3 meters, meaning underwater detecting is no problem for this machine!

All of the features mentioned above are exciting in their own right... but at the end of the day all these features need to all come together in a well thought-out platform right? One that performs well for end users, and can handle the everyday abuse that a metal detector can expect out in the field.

What we've learned through using the Simplex+ ourselves as well as stocking and supplying the Simplex+ to detectorists all over Australia is this...

Nokta Makro have wrapped up all these must-have features into a premium quality build and user friendly design - at a never before seen price point!

Real Users and 'Reale' finds:

Ok, so maybe we don’t have a lot of spanish “reale” coins here in Australia, but there have certainly been some sensational finds made with the Simplex in Australian soil, and overseas since its release in November 2019. Which brings us to the performance and real world use of the Simplex!

As we mentioned above, the simplex has a whole lot of cool features at a price point not seen before.  In terms of performance, the Simplex actually has a very fast processing speed especially when compared to units in the same price range which process target information a lot slower. 

In effect, the Simplex can see, process and identify multiple targets in the blink of an eye. making it incredible in areas with a lot of nails and trash in general.

From park hunting for coins, beach combing for lost jewellery or relic hunting old homesites the Simplex+ has easy to use modes to cover it all. Check out some of our favourite finds from a few Aussie Simplex+ users below.

Geoff Parks - Victoria Australia

Geoff uses the Simplex+ WHP and has unearthed a myriad of finds including a Rising Sun Military Badge and beautiful Silver coins including this 1874 92.5% Sterling Silver Sixpence in great condition.

Troy Walters - New South Wales, Australia
Troy has put hundreds of hours in on his Simplex and has incredible finds to show for it including an 1800's Brittania Penny, Jewellery and a 22 carat half Gold Soverign!

Steven 'AvagoDigger' - Queensland, Australia
Steven and his Simplex+ have recovered his daughters long-lost gold ring, a mid 1800's solid silver hand-engraved French posy ring, the inscription means "I want for no other" plus many other treasures!

Callan Davis - Western Australia
In the first 2 months of having his Simplex+ Callan found 3 Australian silvers and an old 1836 shilling. Then a mate convinced him to come check a block with him and from it they found approx 250 little 'silvers' between them over a period of 2 days!

Gavin Rawlinson - Queensland, Australia

Gavin has found and returned a Mens Gold Wedding Ring to the owner which was missing for 8 years plus has found a bunch of spendables too. He quickly paid off his machine in the first few months of use through coins and jewellery!

Software Updates and Optional Upgrades:

Since releasing the Simplex+, the manufacturer Nokta Makro has taken onboard vast amounts of customer feedback and turned this feedback into software updates and aftermarket accessories.  The software updates have come in the forms of an extra search mode, greater stability, improved depth and better usability.

Although the updates were not hugely game changing, they were welcome tweaks to the already solid Simplex platform and we think it really speaks volumes about the manufacturer. Showing that they've not only read the customer feedback but listened and acted on it!

Nokta Makro have so far released two additional search coils for the Simplex with a third one on the way, these coils are for use in varying conditions and situations. 

Recently released is an optional carbon fibre lower shaft which is both lighter and stiffer than the original one and in our opinion is a welcome upgrade!

With further refinement in software and optional hardware now available, the Simplex remains a leader in the mid-range detector scene.

So, the big question - Is it still worth it?

Without a doubt, absolutely! We mentioned that the Simplex+ was unrivalled for its features compared to its price on its release and this still remains true today. It's a given that this detector has a LOT of life and potential for amazing finds yet!

Interested in learning more about the Simplex+? You can here

Thank you for reading, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Big thanks to the finds photo contributors for this article and and cover photo contributors: Troy Walters, Gavin Rawlinson & Katelyn Grimes. Written by Edward Burnett.

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well yes it is well worth the price. i have been out over 100 times so far finding a lot of junk but learning how to use the simplex+.each time i go out i am changing setting and learning how to disciminate.learning all the non- ferrous and ferrous metals.I live in Florida there are the beaches and a lot of historical sites so i am getting close.Having a lot of fun also even when i find juck that is 100 years old.Any advice on some of the discrimination setting and ground balance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

joseph mastropiero

Just bought the simplex . Replacing my minelab detectors with Nokta .


Just bought it ! Excited.
From what I’m hearing this detector is just as good as the Garrett AT Pro.

Rex Anderson

So far I recently purchased a 6000 I am sure all know the one I’m talking about and I like my Simplex + better.

John Hawke

Love my simplex detector I’ve used every other machine out there and this machine is buy far the best machine. It is a great price point for what you get it can hang with the more exspencive machine out there . Thanks to Jason bozzuffi a fellow detectorest …I’m sure you know ……he turned me to the nokta brand thanks ….will be ordering the new coils you sell have a great day Bob Emmons from.Beverly city nj Bob the bulldog from nj….

Bob Emmons

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