Nokta AccuPOINT Pin Pointer - Is it a game changer?

Nokta AccuPOINT Pin Pointer - Is it a game changer?

The most feature-complete metal detecting pinpointer on the market, that’s both easy to use and features all the bells and whistles you could need in a pinpointer? The team at Detect-Ed Australia reviews the
Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer.


When you’re out metal detecting for coins, relics, jewellery and more, a metal detecting pinpointer is one of your most important support tools. A pin pointer helps to speed up the time it takes you to unearth each target object by up to 4 times, cutting down on mess and reducing frustration. In the world of metal-detecting pin pointers, the latest Nokta AccuPOINT is not only fast and easy to operate. It sets itself apart from the rest of our store range, and the wider hobby, as the most well-thought-out and feature-complete pinpointer that we have ever used.

Whether you're just starting metal detecting or whether you're a seasoned detectorist, the AccuPOINT will empower you with the confidence to find every target quickly and easily when metal detecting during the day or night, above or below the water, with headphones or without. The AccuPOINT has the features and ease of use for any metal detecting scenario.

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What do you get with the Nokta AccuPOINT?

When you open your Nokta AccuPoint box for the first time, inside you’ll find the following essentials to get you started with this incredible black and yellow pointer:

  1. The AccuPOINT Pinpointer itself (protective pointer tip cover included).
  2. Pre-Installed AccuPOINT Screen Protector
  3. Convenient Belt Holster
  4. Extra protective pointer tip cover
  5. Pinpointer security lanyard/tether
  6. USB Charge Cable
  7. User Manual

How does the Nokta AccuPOINT compare to the competition?

The Nokta AccuPOINT is the first pin pointer metal detector on the market to consolidate such a huge array of easy-to-use and helpful features, from the big game-changers to the tiny details and quality-of-life enhancements, all into one durable and easy-to-use pinpointer!

Nokta's AccuPOINT features an unbeatable combination of features including Iron Audio & Discrimination, Colour LCD Screen, Bluetooth Connectivity, USB-C Rechargeable Battery, full Waterproofing (3 metres, IP68), and that's only the beginning!

To put it simply, at this point in time there is no other pin pointer on the metal detecting market that includes all the features of the Nokta AccuPoint. You’ll find that other current top options, with fewer features, often have a similar or higher price tag!

AccuPoint - The Next Evolution of Nokta Pinpointer Design? 


If you trace the progression of Nokta’s pointers so far, starting from even before the Nokta Pointer, then to the PulseDive, and now the AccuPoint, there is a clear evolution of construction, features, ergonomics, ease of use, overall look, feel and target alerts.

It’s clear to see that Nokta has taken many years of design and production experience, listened to the user's feedback, and wrapped it all up in this exciting new product.

What are the main benefits of the AccuPoint?

Easy One-Button Operation

Quickly and precisely pinpointing your next treasure on your next metal detecting adventure is fast and easy with AccuPoint’s simple one-button design. A quick press turns it on instantly, and a longer press turns it off again just as fast. 

This is one of those improvements that may seem insignificant at first glance but has a big impact in the real world because from the instant that the on button is pressed, the AccuPoint is ready to start metal detecting, allowing you to shave off precious seconds on each hole. 

Whether you’re out metal detecting on a more occasional basis or if you’re one of the keenest daily treasure hunters around, all this saved time per hole adds up fast, resulting in less time waiting and more time finding!

Time savings aside, with Instant-On functionality the AccuPoint just feels fast, smooth and nice to use overall. A pin pointer with this feature makes it easier than ever to (as you build experience in the hobby) do everything from detecting a nice signal with your main metal detector to probing and pinpointing, digging, recovering and restoring the ground all in one fluid motion with fewer holdups!

Fully Waterproof (3m IP68)

The AccuPOINT pin pointer is fully waterproof down to a depth of 3 meters! This means you can even use it with peace of mind metal detecting fully submerged under the water, and it will shrug off dirt and dust. Plus it can be safely washed down at the end of a hunt! 

The rugged IP68-certified construction of the Nokta AccuPOINT means you can use this rugged yellow pinpointer in environments many other pointers can’t withstand, sniffing out treasures that would otherwise be out of reach.

Colour LCD Screen

The bright Colour LCD Display built into the AccuPOINT pin pointer provides easy-to-understand icons for battery level, sensitivity and a suite of other optional settings that have you covered if, and when you need them while you’re you’re out metal detecting.

The AccuPOINT Colour LCD Screen is also slightly recessed with a protective ridge around the edges to enhance durability, plus Nokta has also included a pre-installed AccuPOINT screen protector! 

We had some reasons initially to be sceptical about implementing a screen onto a metal detecting pinpointer. However, Nokta has shown that there is a way it can be done while maintaining all important factors including durability and ease of use no matter your experience level.

The AccuPOINT Colour LCD Screen is a game-changer, and the team at Detect-Ed Australia have found that it makes using the pin pointer generally, as well as changing specific settings when needed at any time, easier than it ever has been before. 

Iron Audio & Discrimination


With Iron Audio and Discrimination, the Nokta AccuPoint can tell the difference between iron objects like trash or relics and other buried objects like coins and jewellery using its 2-Tone Discrimination setting. As it does so, it can make a different sound/tone and vibration for non-iron vs iron objects (discrimination). If you turn the AccuPoints Iron Audio on, you’ll get a normal beep/tone for non-iron (non-ferrous) objects, and a different warning or alarm-like beep/tone for iron (ferrous) objects. 

What this means in the field is that you’re better able to identify what you’re digging as you dig and probe the soil, saving time and energy in challenging areas.

Imagine you’ve set up your main metal detector to ignore iron and other trashy-sounding objects. You detect a great-sounding signal, open up a neat hole and go in with the pinpointer. It can be very surprising to discover that there are actually 2 signals in the hole, the good signal and something else that your main metal detector ignored. Now, if you’re using a typical 1-Tone pin pointer, there’s going to be some confusion as to which way to dig. Do you spend precious time digging both signals that your pinpointer is giving you? Or try to figure out which signal was the good one you detected with your main metal detector……

The time and sometimes mess involved  involved are only compounded in environments where the soil is rocky, full of roots or generally drier and hardened!

With Iron Audio & Discrimination turned on with the AccuPoint you can avoid a lot of guesswork when you’re trying to focus on non-iron objects like our Australian coins, jewellery and many other non-iron relics, etc. This feature can massively streamline your experience in areas with plenty of iron, such as ruins and other old sites.

Bluetooth Audio Connectivity

Wireless Low-Latency Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the AccuPOINT with Nokta's wireless Low-Latency Bluetooth Headphones. We’ve also been hearing reports recently of users that have been able to pair their AccuPoint with Low-Latency metal detector headphones from other manufacturers. It’s best to check beforehand if this sounds like something you want to try.

When you switch on the Nokta AccuPOINT, you'll be able to hear it through the headphones. Then when you switch off the Nokta AccuPOINT, you'll enjoy a transition back to hearing your metal detector via the headphones.

Intuitive Alerts with Clear Audio and/or Vibration


A metal detecting pin pointer can have all the bells and whistles, but if it ultimately can’t intuitively and naturally guide you to your next buried treasure then it’s all for naught. We’re extremely happy to report that not only is the Nokta AccuPOINTs alert system intuitive and natural to use, but Nokta has actually improved on it compared to their previous pinpointers for metal detecting.

An improvement that may seem small but that really makes a big difference in practice, is the way that the audio or vibration changes when the target is touching or nearly touching the pinpointer probe of the AccuPoint. As the beep speed increases on the Nokta AccuPoint and you get right on top of your target, the beep/tone will turn to a solid, continuous beep/tone, which is very helpful and affirming!

Typically, pinpointers have a beep speed that increases the closer you get to the target, at certain distance thresholds. On many other pin pointers, they will then emit will then emit a very rapid beep speed that commences when the object is touching or nearly touching the target. 

The way this beep speed increases, and how many different speeds there are, has a huge impact on how quick and easy it is to hone in on your next treasure. 

With the addition of a solid, continuous beep for touching or near touching targets, the AccuPoint has made it a lot quicker and more intuitive which has greatly enhanced the overall feel and confidence and confidence when honing in on a signal, compared to many other pinpointers out there right now.

USB Rechargeable Battery


The USB rechargeable battery built into the AccuPOINT means you can charge it anywhere you can charge your phone, at home or even in the car! At home or even in the car. It's capable of providing up to a whopping 25-hour battery life! No more carrying AA’s expensive D batteries, or changing batteries halfway through the day.

Replaceable Pointer Tip Protectors


The first thing to wear out on most pin pointers is the very tip of the pointer, where the metal detecting probe is located. Surprisingly, most pinpointers even today do not feature any kind of replaceable probe protector, which Nokta has made commonplace on their range of pinpointers, now including the AccuPOINT pinpointer. 

The benefit of a replaceable probe protector for your pin pointer is that you don’t have to worry about the probe tip wearing through, exposing the electronics inside. Depending on the soil and how you use it, this can fortunately sometimes take a long time to even happen in the first place. 

From a durability standpoint, this is of course great news. However what this typically means in practice is that the tip, unfortunately, wears through after your pointers warranty period has expired!  

People typically try to stave off this wear using a range of DIY solutions. Heat-shrink, epoxy and more. Otherwise, you’re on the hook for a new pointer casing from the manufacturer (if that’s possible) or a brand-new pointer altogether. Using the protective replaceable tip covers included with your AccuPoint keeps the business end preserved and your pinpointer waterproof and dirt proof!

We’ve said before in previous articles, this is something we’re hoping more manufacturers will consistently adopt for their metal detecting pinpointers in future. So it’s fantastic to see that Nokta has stuck with this feature for their new yellow pointer, the AccuPOINT!

Nokta Build Quality and Design

Within the metal detecting community and in the industry at large, it’s become clear that Nokta wants to do things differently. They’ve become well-known for intently listening to user feedback, as well as their presence and interaction with people in the community both in person and online. Nokta metal detecting products are fully supported in Australia and all over the world with great warranties and designs that allow for servicing right down to the individual component level. 

This different approach to metal detecting gear design is exemplified in high-quality and user-friendly metal detecting tools like the Nokta AccuPOINT pinpointer.

How does the AccuPOINT Pinpointer Perform in the Real World?

Since launch, the Nokta AccuPOINT has proven it can bring a high degree of performance, features and ease of use that equals and even surpasses the other top model pin pointer offerings on the market in several ways, at the time this review was written.

The AccuPoint is able to intuitively, accurately and reliably pinpoint buried targets in a wide range of environments. Plus it has the right features (including Rapid Retune, 9 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels and Frequency Shift) to help overcome challenging conditions like EMI, saltwater and iron or mineralized soil.

The team at Detect-Ed, along with many other Aussie treasure hunters out there right now, are enjoying all the benefits and performance of the AccuPOINT. Two extra notable mentions would have to include:

  • Highly Sensitive Narrowed Tip

I’ll quote one of the first adopters of the AccuPOINT in Australia sum it up here. From a recent metal detecting trip to Sydney they wrote, “It proved to be quite useful when detecting in sensitive areas. For instance, we were in a historical park where digging large plugs is discouraged. With this pinpointer, I could create exploratory holes and manipulate the device to locate the target with minimal ground disturbance”. Enough said!

  • Brighter Built-In LED Flashlight

Having any kind of light on your pin pointer can be a real lifesaver when the sun goes down on a hunt, especially if your head torch has run out of juice or you didn’t bring it (guilty!). Many pinpointers, especially top model pinpointers from the main big brands, include LED Flashlights. Typically, they offer just enough light to provide some illumination in the hole, which is certainly much better than nothing. Trust us, we know!

On the Nokta AccuPoint however, the LED Flashlight is BRIGHT. Did you forget your headtorch? No problem, the AccuPoints LED Flashlight is more than enough to get you out of trouble and illuminate the hole. This improved feature compared to other pin pointers was a very pleasant surprise and demonstrates that Nokta is in touch with users and the metal detecting metal detecting hobby at large.

Our closing thoughts on the Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer

The team at Detect-Ed Australia has many years of metal detecting experience using other top models with countless hours of use in the field, so we had high expectations for the Nokta AccuPOINT. 

We hoped that it would bring everything Nokta is already renowned for, combining that with the features you’d expect at a highly competitive price while also potentially adding in some extra awesome features that even many other top model pin pointers don’t yet have. That may sound like a tall order, but Nokta has become well known for offering more for less… 


So naturally, we’re extremely impressed with the Nokta AccuPOINT. A number of our staff have already jumped to the AccuPOINT from other pointers, and we believe that it is the most competitive and feature-rich top model pin pointer on the market, at the time of writing of this review.

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