"I was sick of my main mate digging deep silvers that I couldn't get a chirp from!  It’s been three weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the Deus 2… It actually exceeded my expectations, that sounds salesy but it's true!”

Some of Tim's finds in the last 3 weeks with the Deus 2

Tim Chandler, well known in the detecting hobby and one of the keenest Aussie detectorists around was looking to upgrade his old detector to keep up with his main metal detecting buddy, but as a self confessed “technophobe” Tim’s main concern when he called us about the Deus 2 was that it would be too complicated.  

“I’m the wrong side of 60, and don't have a computer and was worried I’d struggle with understanding all the menus and functions etc, I needn’t have, whoever designed the factory settings knows their stuff!

“I’ve tweaked a few things, tones, iron volume, disc etc but haven't needed deeper changes”

An old token Tim found on one of his first outings

Why did you choose the DEUS 2?

One thing that stands out about the Deus 2 compared with every other detector on the market is it's incredibly low weight! 

Tim says
“I swing a lot, and other desirable machines I’ve tried or big coils really mess my forearm with tendonitis, I can swing the Deus 2 24/7!”

Although the XP Deus detectors are super low weight and are well known for their unmatched coin/relic hunting abilities, the Deus 2 is also garnering a reputation for its incredible performance in beach and wet sand environments, Tim says “My main motivation was wanting a deeper, more stable detector for the beach, I don’t drive and I like to wander every day so I've really smashed my local parks and beaches, it got to the point that it wasn't worth going locally.

Having used the Deus 2 at the beach and underwater, we had no problem recommending the D2 to Tim for beach use, Its an incredibly deep and stable performing machine as many videos are proving.  We'd even go as far as saying it's likely the top beach and underwater metal detector ever made at this point!

Beach finds from one of our own first days out with the Deus 2

Tim had done a lot of research before calling us, he says "I watched legit YouTube reviews of the Deus 2 hitting 20” Pennys in the UK with them saying “the D2 opened up old ground again” and was both deeper and more stable than other VLF machines at the beach"

“When I hear people talking their machines up, I think ‘you’re justifying $$’ or ‘you’ve just been slack at detecting over old ground’ neither are the case here!

I’m having fun locally again, not getting flogged by my mate, no tendonitis and I have reinvigorated enthusiasm for the hobby, looking forward to putting the machine over some ‘deep’ ground too for the really old stuff”

One of Tim's first beach hunts!

"Digging wet sand, black sand and mudstone is a joy, the Deus 2 loves it!
I've found silvers I've walked over hundreds of times before with my other detector, I cant wait for some big swell to really get the good stuff"

Favourite Feature of the Deus 2?

“My favourite function is the ‘audio response’ setting which increases deep target volume, great when you’re digging deep early coins, especially without headphones.  I nudge the ‘audio response’ up a bit to hear those deep stable high tones come through.  First decent hunt I pulled 13 small silvers on ground we’d hit very hard, the superior depth/ separation of the D2 was essential for these finds."

Considering the short time the Deus 2 has been available, we are seeing large amounts of incredible finds being made globally.  For an avid detectorist like Tim, the seamless performance, ease-of-use and amazing versatility mean more time detecting and less time tinkering but the D2 also has powerful customisation available for those who like to make the detector behave exactly the way you want.  

We are super impressed with Tim's finds in the last 3 weeks and cant wait to see what he finds in the coming months and years with his Deus 2!


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Peter here in USA Pennsylvania, been using the XP Deus 2 for over a year, I totally agree with you. This machine is great in my high iron PA soil. You make some great products. Check me out on YouTube to see the treasures I have been finding. Best of luck hunting. Thanks also for all the support you do in metal detecting community.

Detect Dig Smile

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