The AccuPoint Pinpointer

The Nokta AccuPoint is the first pinpointer on the market to consolidate such a huge array of easy to use and helpful features, from the big game-changers to the tiny details and quality of life enhancements that make metal detecting smoother and more fun, all into one durable and easy to use pinpointer.

Featuring an unbeatable combination of features including Discrimination, Bluetooth Connectivity, USB-C Rechargeable Battery and full Waterproofing (3m IP68), and that's only the beginning!


The Legend Pro Package

The Legend can literally be used out of the box with the default settings, simply turn on, select one of the 4 modes and go!  The Legend's default settings are intuitive and user friendly for those who have limited or no metal detecting experience.

When you are ready for the next level, The Legend Metal Detector has in-depth features, settings and parameters for you to grow into! 

The Legend is suitable for those who have never picked up a metal detector before yet offers the performance and tuneability to accommodate even the most seasoned detectorists.  With The Legends performance and features, very few people will feel the need to "upgrade" to another detector, The Legend has it all.