The Nokta Gold Kruzer Metal Detector Australian Review

The Nokta Gold Kruzer Metal Detector Australian Review


By James (Jim) Robinson from VIC Australia

Around 4 years ago I had the chance to use a mates gold detector, a threshold machine that was deadly on tiny gold, then 2 years later I started looking for a VLF machine to suit my needs.

I looked at a couple of machines well known for finding small gold, I was put off when hearing stories of 'coil bump sensitivity' and machines turning off in the field without warning...

I then looked at trying to find as much info as I could online and on YouTube on the Nokta 'Gold Kruzer', as it turned out I had one sent to my doorstep for $1,125, complete with 2 Search Coils and Wireless Headphones. The Gold Kruzer features USB capable recharging and is waterproof to 5m depth, which I thought would be great if I got caught out detecting in heavy rain and dustproof for dry summer conditions.

Once I became more confident with the machine out bush I was soon amazed at how tiny some of the pieces of gold were that could be found, caught in moss or just below the surface in clay.

Detect-Ed Nokta Gold Kruzer australian Review

The threshold break when a target is detected is hard to miss and matched with a pretty accurate Target ID also gives the machine an edge on not digging so many false targets like Hot/Cold rocks, or using it to avoid iron.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve had many great finds and look forward to using the Kruzer more in the future!

Cheers, Jim 

About the author: James Robinson is an avid gold prospector, he also runs a YouTube channel called J&C Mining which you can check out HERE.

Pictured is James with his Gold Kruzer (top right) you'll see some of his gold nuggets (top left), including an 0.37g gold nugget found (bottom right), and the echidna hole he found it in (bottom left).


Click HERE to check out the full description and features list for the Gold Kruzer.


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The Gold Kruzer is a fantastic VLF machine, you can’t beat the sensitivity on small gold and the settings are fantastic for all types of ground, I have instructional videos on my YouTube Channel Chasing Gold Australia and strongly recommend the team at Detect Ed for there knowledge on there products and there super friendly attitude and are never afraid to help or advise you,
Josh from Chasing Gold Australia

Josh Chasing Gold Australia

I need a powerful light weight detector. I am unable to carry a heavy appliance.


Minelab have let this into the market? Are they like that?


Hard to believe Mine Lab have let this one into the market.

Edward Ward

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