Review | Metal Detectors For Kids

Review | Metal Detectors For Kids

April 2024 Review Update:

Nokta have recently launched the next generation of Kids Metal Detectors, the First Swing! This review has now been updated with the latest info, so read more below!

Kids Metal Detectors | Can you avoid digging rubbish?

Imagine, your next camping trip or beach holiday with the family made even more exciting by the prospect of a little treasure hunting with a metal detector!

If that sounds like fun to you, then read on!

There is a brand new metal detector on the market that's rough and tough enough for the kids to use and play with in the great outdoors... and they can find real treasure with it!

These new little kids detectors are super easy to use and provide the performance, features and depth you’d expect from a serious metal detector, and it's even fun for the mums and dads to use.

Up until very recently, “kids metal detectors” have mostly been colourful toys which vaguely react to large pieces of metal, but unfortunately had limited use in the real world. There has however, been great progress in the way of metal detecting design in the last few years and the kids are now having heaps of fun with them as a result!

High quality and low cost metal detectors for kids have started appearing, shaking up the market, and putting big smiles on the faces of kids and parents alike!

One series of kids detectors in particular has evolved past being “just toys” with their solid treasure hunting performance yet durable build and at the same time maintained their simplicity and ease-of-use.

Introducing, the world's first purpose built series of kids metal detectors!


Designed so that kids can make real finds out in the real world, these little metal detectors have a big trick up their sleeve! We are of course referring to the Nokta First Swing: building on the success of the previous Midi Hoard as a fully waterproof kids metal detector, which can turn backyards, parks and beaches into a child's treasure hunting dream!

What makes the Nokta First Swing different?

The First Swing is made for those up to 12 years old, but is actually long enough for a 6 foot tall adult to use standing up straight!  This means that even the big kids (myself included) can help out and have a go at the treasure hunting action.

The Nokta First Swing metal detector has degrees of “discrimination” built into it, meaning that kids can choose to ignore a lot of potential rubbish items by easily selecting which types of treasures/targets to ignore!

From there, simply listen to the tone of the detector and watch what the LCD display indicates.

This kids metal detector also features a coloured LED light which changes colours according to what kind of item being detected. In reality this equates to digging way less nails and little pieces of aluminium whilst digging more coins and potentially valuable relics and jewellery.

Kids metal detectors are some of the best outdoor fun you can have with the family and the  Nokta First Swing really takes it to the next level with quality and ease of use. Not easily outgrown, the First Swing is perfect for the whole family!

Click HERE to learn more about the features and specs of these detectors now!

We hope this review has inspired you to get the kids involved in some exciting family entertainment outdoors any time of year at the beach, while camping or even in your own backyard!

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Had first outing with the kids today at the beach . They have the mini and midi and I am using a simplex . They spent more time in water than searching but we did find a aluminium can top. Using the midi and simplex learning how to use them both . Better than Xbox any day.

Terry Bye

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