THE LEGEND, Nokta's New SMF Metal Detector!

THE LEGEND, Nokta's New SMF Metal Detector!

New forms of target analysis, advanced Multi-Frequency technology, unique battery systems and loads more features, read on to find out more about The Legend metal detector or check out our helpful ongoing Legend Skill Series on Youtube HERE, or we've got a quick "What you need to know" for the Legend metal detector HERE.

If you haven't heard about Nokta's new Simultaneous Multi Frequency (SMF) metal detector yet, you have either been living under a rock ... or you’re a perfectly normal person and you don’t obsess over the release of every metal detector 😉.  Either way, it's hard not to sit up in your chair a little when you hear about the features, performance and of course the price point of Nokta's new Legend metal detector!

The Turkish company, Nokta, has made some bold claims leading up to the release of The Legend, claims like “performance matching or exceeding the competition” and “at a price point not seen before” that has gotten the attention of serious and casual detectorists here in Australia and around the world.

The Nokta Legend with optional waterproof battery pod installed

What Makes “The Legend” Special? - Nokta  (SMF) Technology.

The Legend, unlike any previous metal detector from Nokta, uses Simultaneous Multi Frequency (SMF) technology.  The SMF technology used in Nokta’s new detector features a broad range of high and low detection frequencies giving the following advantages:

1. Broader Range of Targets types

The Legend uses frequencies ranging from 4kHz up to 40kHz, each frequency has its own advantages by itself, but using multiple of them at the same time (AKA Simultaneous Multi Frequency) in synergy gives the detector performance not otherwise achievable by any single frequency on its own.

On the extreme ends, The Legend’s low 4kHz frequency will excel at detecting deep, large or highly conductive targets (like larger silver and copper coins) whilst the high 40kHz frequency gives extreme sensitivity to shallow, small or low conductive targets (like small gold nuggets).  Using these and other inbetween frequencies simultaneously, gives you the power to detect a huge variety of different targets in a single swing!


Seemingly out of the blue, have developed a second form of target analysis for The Legend metal detector! This new target analysis is different from standard target-ID or Discrimination and they are calling it Ferrocheck.

The Legend’s “Ferrocheck” works alongside normal target ID numbers to give more detailed information on targets in the ground, the Ferrocheck is represented by two horizontal bars on the screen which both fill up when the detector encounters a partially ferrous/ non-ferrous target.

Nokta Makro Legend
The new Ferrocheck feature will help eliminate bottle caps and ensure you dig more Treasure and less trash

Targets such as beer bottle caps have a partially ferrous (iron) and partially non-ferrous (non-iron) component making them very confusing for most metal detectors.  This means that detectors that completely "ignore" bottle caps will actually be ignoring a lot of other valuable targets as well.  This phenomenon can not be replicated accurately in air tests but it can be shown on deeper buried targets.  

Ferrocheck however alerts the user of a ferrous metal component within the target so even if the target is giving a nice ID number on the detector’s screen, the Ferrocheck bar can still alert you of a sneaky bottlecap!  This means you won’t have to discriminate out bottle caps with Nokta’s Legend to avoid digging them, but you can still detect other targets that ID similarly!

The Ferrocheck feature of The Legend seems to be a "no-compromise" solution for avoiding iron targets without also losing deeper non-iron targets like deep coins and rings.  This is a refreshing solution considering other detectors will try making this decision for you.

In The Legends live launch video, Dilek had this to say about their new Ferrocheck feature:

"Our field testers did an experiment with more than 25-30 buried targets of different types, the legend actually identified approximately 60% more iron targets than the competitors model while not mistaking non-ferrous targets to be iron"


Another massive advantage of SMF is the accuracy of the target ID.  

The SMF algorithm essentially cross-references information gathered from each frequency to give you the most accurate idea about what type of target is buried in the ground. 

Traditional single frequency metal detectors are normally very accurate and consistent in air tests, but a few inches of soil between the target and the coil can alter target ID.  Essentially, the deeper the target is buried or the more mineralised the soil is, the less accurate the detector becomes.

For example, a coin might register when tested in the air as a 24-25 on a single frequency detector screen, but the same coin buried 4” deep in soil may start coming up as a 30-34 as an extreme but very realistic example.

In the same test, The Legend will give a lesser variation in ID between testing a target in the air and testing the same target in the ground a few inches deep.  The greater consistency of SMF will allow for more “cherry picking” of coins at greater depths than any single frequency metal detector.

Although no metal detector is 100% accurate at ID’ing targets, it's proven that most (not all) SMF detectors are more consistent at ID’ing targets at greater depths, with some of them also offering excellent performance in highly mineralised soil like The Legend.

What else does The Legend have up its sleeve?

Enhanced Salt Water Performance 

My personal favourite feature of Nokta’s SMF detector is its two dedicated beach modes designed to give excellent depth and accurate target ID in notoriously difficult salt water environments.

Even the most basic metal detectors can detect through fresh water but once salt and other minerals are dissolved in the water, it becomes quite conductive and our traditional metal detectors will start to recognise the water as a metal target!  Many modern single frequency detectors can partially overcome the effect by reducing sensitivity and ground balancing, but performance is definitely compromised over wet salty sand and when submerged in salt water.

Nokta’s multi frequency Legend uses dedicated SMF algorithms in its beach modes to overcome the signal from salt water.  The Legend’s beach modes are designed to give maximum detection depth in and over salt water whilst maintaining stable, quiet, noise free operation likely making it one of the best beach metal detectors on the market

The Legend Metal Detector
Generally speaking, SMF detectors give about twice the depth on both coin and ring sized targets in salt water than their single frequency counterpart


The Legend’s waterproof construction is based on Nokta's highly successful Simplex+ detector platform, a solid detector with a noteworthy reputation for being very robust and reliable.  The housing is best known for its solid waterproofing with almost no leaks reported in its 2 year history with many thousands of these detectors being used across the world.  This means your Legend will be just as at home in or out of the water (down to the recommended 3m of course).

The Legend comes standard with an 11” DD coil, a versatile all-rounder.

Like all of Nokta's recent metal detectors, the Legend’s coil uses well engineered “coil ears” featuring fat tabs and heavy duty gussets.  The tank-like coil ears have been extremely reliable on their previous models meaning users can swing their detector in confidence knowing the coil isn’t going to snap off!  

Well designed mounting tabs found on the legend coils

The Legend is powered by a built in lithium battery however the machine can also be powered by an optional battery mounted under the arm cuff.  This optional battery doubles the proposed battery life from 20 hours up to 40 hours but can also serve to shift the balance of the detector further back for those who prefer a more balanced feel.

Nokta has chosen to use a low weight, highly portable and fully telescopic shaft on the Legend.  The telescopic shaft uses a premium carbon fibre lower shaft as standard, for stiffness and weight savings as well as an aluminium middle shaft just like the Simplex+.  

Nokta have also wisely decided that The Legend should keep the same ergonomic rubberised handle found on the Simplex+.  We’re sure anyone who has used the Simplex+ will appreciate this detail!

The Legend's telescopic shaft collapses down to 63cm (25") for easy transport

The included headphones use a Low Latency Bluetooth protocol to connect to The Legend unlike previous detectors by Nokta, but will be for land use only because wireless signals can not travel through water.

The Bluetooth headphones are foldable and appear to be of high quality. If headphones aren’t to your liking then you can always use the external speaker built into The Legend (fully waterproof of course). It’s worth noting that the new headphones will not be compatible with previous detector models and vice versa.

Interesting Features of The Legend 


As explained above, “FerroCheck'' gives the user more detailed information about the scanned target in an easy to understand form.  The Legend will be the first detector we’ve seen to give information in this style and is uniquely different to normal on-screen ID / discrimination.

Four Discrimination Options

The Legend has a button to cycle between four discrimination options.

  • “All Metal” mode where no targets are discriminated / rejected
  • All Metal except Iron
  • Notch Discrimintion (pick and choose whichever targets you want accepted/rejected)
  • Turn OFF Ground effect (an interesting feature we don't fully understand but are excited to test!

Detection Modes

  • Beach
  • Park
  • Field
  • Gold Field

Two Optional Search Coils 

The Legend has launched alongside two optional search coils.  A 6" coil called the LG15 and a 13.5 x 12.5” called the LG35.

LED Flashlight and Built in Vibration

The Legend shares features with the simplex like built-in vibration for underwater use or for the hearing impaired, a backlit LED screen and a forward facing LED flashlight light for seeing at night, a simple and welcome addition not found on other metal detectors.

Four saveable user profiles

The Legend has four custom user profiles, each can be altered, saved and selected at any time.

For those users who like to switch up detecting strategies instantly, this can be the change of pace needed to maximise finds in difficult areas.

Polyphonic tones

An interesting feature of the new Nokta detector is its polyphonic tones.  Due to popular demand and many emails from detecting enthusiasts, Nokta  have chosen to add Polyphonic tones to The Legend.  These tones are smooth and easy on the ears compared to traditional monophonic tones.


The Legend is currently available in two high value packages, “The Legend WHP'' and “The Legend Pro pack”.  Both packages include the same Legend detector however the “PRO” pack is bundled with a second coil (6 ich) and an optional spare battery which is plugged into the rear mounted waterproof battery pod.

Both Packages include comfortable Low Latency Bluetooth headphones, Nokta waterproof are headphones are available separately.


Nokta are well known for making quality detectors at a super competitive price point and the Legend is no exception.  Here in Australia the Legend WHP package is available for AUD $949 and the Pro pack can be had for AUD$1099.  You can order the first Legends here! 
If you're in the US the RRP's will start at US$749 and US$949 respectively.


  • Simultaneous multi Frequency (SMF) technology (4-40kHz)
  • 4,10,15,20,40kHz selectable single frequencies 
  • Ground balance (Auto, Manual and Tracking)
  • Low Latency Bluetooth
  • Retracts down to 63cm (25") for transport
  • Weight
  • LED Flashlight
  • Software updateable
  • 60 points of target ID (10 ferrous and 50 non-ferrous for high resolution ID)
  • Options of 1, 2, 6 and 60 tones
  • Adjustable Tone volumes
  • Adjustable Tone breaks
  • 10 levels of recovery speed
  • Threshold pitch and volume is adjustable in all modes
  • Vibration On/Off
  • CLOCK! (YES!)
  • Records usage time (total hours used)
  • 13 Levels of frequency shift + Auto Noise cancel

Find out more about The Legend

We'll be doing a comprehensive review on The Legends performance and features as soon as we have one in our hands. To ensure you have all of the most up-to-date info on The Legend you can check out these resources and keep an eye out for our future blogs. 

  • Dedicated Facebook group HERE for user help and information
  • Enter your email at the very bottom of this page for further updates, news and reviews.
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What a great detector. a Simplex on steroids and then some maybe. Stable and easy to learn. Great product Nokta Macro.

Tony Batchelor

Please send me updates. Thanks

Henry Christopher

Hey Cheree, The Waterproof headphones you have for your Simplex+ will be fully compatible with The Legend! :)

Detect-Ed Australia

Headphones : I purchased waterproof headphones with my Simplex+, so can these be used on the “Legend” as well or do I have to buy a new set for going under water.???

Cheree Mattei

The Legend will have 2 years warranty! (:

Detect-Ed Australia

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