Upgrading the Nokta Legend

Upgrading the Nokta Legend

Nokta Legend Updates?

Completely changing the performance, features and character of your Metal Detector at home with a simple (and free) software update is quite a new concept!  We’ve seen detectors like the original XP DEUS change significantly over the last ten years with new software releases but recent multi-frequency detectors like The Legend and Deus 2, have magnitudes more potential for evolution!

As it stands, these new multi-frequency detectors are so flexible and diverse with their search modes that they can be used on a larger range of environments and target types than any detectors before them!  With the recent software updates and performance improvements we’ve seen, it's clear that these detectors have more to give us than we first realised!

Because more companies are entering the multi-frequency realm now, it's clear to see that each company will be adding more features and doing their best to increase performance in a battle to be the best! 

Nokta have been quick to gain momentum with their brand new Legend Metal Detector. With their original intention being to match the existing competition at a lower price, their focus is now shifting over to simply being the best!  Nokta's next update for The Legend will include an iron bias feature to match the competition but they will also be adding:

- M3 (New Multi-Frequency): bringing The Legends repertoire to a total of three Multi-Frequencies!

- Audio Gain: Allows user to boost volume of weak signals!

- Pitch Tone Mode: An amazing feature users love on the Deus2!

- Mineralisation Meter: To indicate level of minerals in the ground.

- Mute Function: To simply mute the detectors audio quickly when desired.

What will the future of detector updates look like?

We have no doubt that the increased competition in the multi-frequency domain will make each company strive further to outdo the others and we can only assume that performance will be gradually increasing with every update too.  Dilek from Nokta sales and marketing excitedly stated in a recent video “We are going to have another update for The Legend where we may surprise you with some more exciting features that can even affect performance”.

We know that The Legend, Deus 2 and Equinox have seen remarkable improvements since their release with Nokta being especially receptive and reactive to customer wish lists... but what else do these companies have up their sleeves?

Comment below your metal detector wish list, we know your ideas and feedback are the driving force behind new features! 😀

Happy Hunting!


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