XP DEUS 2 Metal Detector Overview!

XP DEUS 2 Metal Detector Overview!

Go everywhere and find everything, new FMF multifrequency and fully wireless technology packaged in a super low weight all-terrain housing!

XP have recently announced the new DEUS 2 detector and it’s shaping up to be the most advanced, well rounded “do everything” detector we’ve ever seen. The Deus 2 by French company “XP Metal Detectors” is sure to set a new bar for metal detector performance and design!

What makes the XP Deus 2 so special?

FMF - The Magic Technology?

The original XP Deus is most famous for its super fast processing and recovery speeds, the Deus’ fast processing speed allows it to separate super closely packed targets that other metal detectors can not.  Simply put, you can find coins and other valuable targets amongst a carpet of trashy targets where a lot of detectors fall on their face.

Excitingly, the Deus 2 Promises to maintain the Deus 1’s signature low weight and lightning fast recovery speed, in addition, the new Deus 2 will feature a new multi frequency technology called “Fast Multi Frequency” or FMF for short.

The Deus 2 operates totally differently to the Deus 1 by rapidly switching between a larger range of frequencies rather than being locked into just one frequency at a time.  The Deus 2’s FMF modes will operate on frequencies ranging from 4kHz up to 40kHz (depending on the mode) but users will have the option to switch to a mono-frequency if they want to, interestingly the Deus 2 will have a selection of single frequencies ranging from 4kHz - 45kHz.

Although the Deus 2 has a single frequency mode, the 11 Fast Multi Frequency modes are what everyone is excited about!

Whether it’s gold nuggets in the outback or ancient treasure in the ocean, FMF is promising to do it all with modes such as “DIVING”, “GOLD FIELD”, “DEEP HC”, “BEACH” and many more! 


The first main advantage of the Deus 2’s FMF technology is the ability to detect through salt water at depth!  The first Deus' single frequency tech wasn't well suited to salt water detection but with FMF we can already see in some initial testing videos that the Deus II has excellent salt water performance.

Historically speaking, Multi Frequency metal detectors are known to be some of the best beach metal detectors and we are certain XP will continue this trend with their new Deus 2.

The second main advantage is the target ID accuracy at depth.  Although the Deus 1 is not known for its extreme depth, we feel that XP will have made up for this with their FMF in the DEUS 2 metal detector.  It’s likely that modes such as “DEEP HC” (short for “Deep Highly Conductive”) will be incredible for detecting deep copper and silver coins.  At Detect-Ed we are super keen to try this mode in search of some deep pre-decimal Australian coins!


Following in the footsteps of the DEUS 1, the new Deus 2 will be completely wire free!  The coil connects wirelessly to the DEUS 2 remote control and the controller connects wirelessly to the headphones.

You can even pair your XP MI 6 pinpointer to the new wireless headphones and get all of the sound from the pinpointer to come through wirelessly so that you can detect as quietly as possible.

The advantage of a fully wireless metal detector is in the weight savings.  Wireless XP metal detectors are well renowned for being the lightest fully featured detectors on the market and the DEUS 2 is no exception.  The weight savings allow you to detect comfortably for longer and even swing the coil faster which the DEUS 2’s Fast Multi Frequency will have no problems keeping up with.

Coming in at under 1 KG the new DEUS 2 is still the lightest hobby grade detector on the market.

Rugged Waterproof Design

Something nobody was expecting when XP announced the DEUS 2 was its shockproof and fully waterproof housing.

The DEUS 2 comes standard with a highly durable fully waterproof housing rated to an unbelievably 20m deep underwater!  The company markets the DEUS 2 not only as a land detector but also a diving detector and they’ve even made a dedicated “DIVE” mode which will work well in salt water environments!  

Out of the box the DEUS 2 is fully waterproof but there are a few things you’ll need to know before diving with it.  Firstly, there are plugs that seal the DEUS two which need to be swapped out depending on if you are underwater or if you are hunting on land.  

There is a grey plug by default and it’s intended for land detecting, XP says this plug is intended for land detecting and makes the DEUS 2 waterproof to only 1m so you can still take it out in the rain and wash it down after a dirty detecting session.

A red plug is also included with the Deus 2 detector and should only be used when taking the detector diving.  The red plug makes the DEUS 2 waterproof down to a very respectable 20m (66ft) underwater.

We are very curious to see how the plug system works!

If you plan to take the DEUS 2 diving there are wired Bone Conduction headphones available!  These waterproof headphones will no doubt give great sound clarity underwater to the diver where other headphones are less clear.

The last thing you’ll need to install before diving is the Antenna kit.  In order for the DEUS 2’s wireless Remote Control and Coil to connect through water, you will need to route the supplied antenna kit up the shaft of the detector; it's a very simple add-on that doesn’t add any significant weight or complexity.

Just like the Deus 1, The DEUS 2 uses a sleek, super low weight shaft design that telescopes down to a compact and easily transportable size. The Deus’ patented telescopic shaft has well and truly proven itself over the last decade as a rugged contender worthy of the XP name.


As we mentioned earlier, the DEUS 2 has a veritable buffet of pre-set modes, 12 to be exact which XP claims will suit “all terrain in all conditions”.

The DEUS 2 also has 12 custom user profiles which can be altered and tweaked to your heart's content.  We can't go over every setting in the DEUS 2 right here but that should tell you something about the quantity of features that are packed into this detector.

Whether it’s frequencies, recovery speed, tones or a myriad of other settings, you will be able to program the DEUS 2 to perfection and get the absolute most out of your detecting session no matter what metal you are targeting or which environment you are in!

Other Interesting Features

  • New Tones

The DEUS 2 will have two styles of tones which you can switch between.  Firstly the traditional PWM  (Pulse Width Modulation) tones that DEUS users will know well and then there is the option of “Square” tones (square wave?) which are highly reminiscent of the Minelab CTX 3030 tones.  We know that there are die hard fans of each tone type so it’s good to see an option on the DEUS 2.


GENERAL: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz
SENSITIVE: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz
SENSI FT: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz
FAST: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz 
PARK: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz
DEEP HC: FMF • Max. freq. 14khz
DEUS MONO: MONOFREQUENCY [4,7,15,21,28,35,45kHz
GOLD FIELD: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz
RELIC: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz
DIVING: FMF • Max. freq. 14khz
BEACH: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz
BEACH SENS: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz

  • 2 Coil sizes available on launch
    The Deus 2 will release in 2 packages with different sized coils.  There will be an XP DEUS 2 11" coil package and an XP DEUS 2 9" coil package.  

  • Single Frequencies of 4,7,15,21,28,35,45kHz
  • Multi Frequency 4-40kHz
  • 12 Preset modes for all terrains in all conditions

Who is The XP DEUS 2 for?

The XP Deus 2 is marketed as an extremely feature packed, “do everything” metal detector, with 12 pre-set modes, the Deus 2 comes ready for every environment and any user right out of the box! The incredible amount of customisation that XP is known for also means the Deus2 will be extremely exciting for those who want to upgrade to a more advanced detector.

In our honest opinion, the XP Deus 2 will fill a section of the market that no other metal detector currently does, a super high end “all rounder” with true gold prospecting, coin hunting and diving!  It will very interesting to see how it compares to the highly anticipated Nokta Makro Legend!

The DEUS 2 is available to ORDER HERE

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