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We have been beach detecting for quite a while now and have worked out a few nuggets of information along the way that can help you. Whetherย you're metal detecting for the fun of it,ย the mental relaxation, or keenlyย searching forย gold jewellery or rings... these tipsย just might help you walk away with a bigger smileย (andย a fuller treasure pouch) from your future detecting sessions.

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So the question is, should we dig it all at the beach? Counterintuitively the answer isย NO,ย andย Iโ€™ll explain whyโ€ฆ For example, there are some situations where there are SO many targets that ignoring certain tones will leave you more time to dig tones with a higher chance of being something valuable.

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In this article, weย exploreย the topic of how to best cover ground when metal detecting at the beach...ย gridding vs.ย randomly swinging!ย What is Gridding and when should I utilise it?ย Gridding is when the operator of a metal detector scans an area in a back and forth pattern (in a grid formation) with the intent of detecting an area thoroughly and leaving minimal targets behind. The alternative to gridding is what I call โ€œscoutingโ€ which...

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