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Aluminium Gold Sieve Set

Aluminium Gold Sieve Set

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Design for gold prospecting, gemstone prospecting, and soil sieving.

These lightweight Sieves are perfect for hiking in, reducing sample size in a pan and resting your water pump pickup on when recirculating water to keep leaves and grass out of your pump.

Two Piece Set:

FINE ~3mm, 1/8th mesh (8 mesh) is the perfect size to screen down to when panning for gold, anything that holds up above the 8 mesh sieve should be discarded carefully upside down to inspect for heavies like gemstones or gold.

COURSE ~6mm, 1/4 mesh (quarter inch) is perfect for shaking those oversized stones and debris out of your sample early.

These aluminium sieves resist rusting and are very lightweight to carry and use out in the field.

Gold Sieve Specifications:

Weight: 0.95 kg
Diameter: 33cm
Height: 5cm
Height when stacked: 8mm
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