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Eldorado Double Sluice

Eldorado Double Sluice

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Introducing the Eldorado Double Sluice, the latest innovation in river sluicing designed with a large flare that accommodates nearly any sieve set on the market. This highly efficient sluice is ideal for bait pumping directly into the sieve, enhancing gold recovery efforts, named after Eldorado in Victoria which is known for superfine gold.

For best results, combine this product with our Aluminium Sieve Set 

The Eldorado sluice incorporates a minicell Vortex dream mat, meticulously calibrated to optimize recovery of fine gold particles. Using a bait pump allows for effective extraction of gold from bedrock, ensuring no valuable finds are missed.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use an 8 mesh sieve (sold separately) However, the sluice is versatile enough to work with any classifier to improve both the throughput and recovery rates of fine gold.

Available in two models:

  • Double Mat Long Tom: This variant is ideal for users in Australia seeking a sturdier and longer sluicing option, unless affected by regional delivery surcharges.
  • Single Mat Version with a 6-inch Extension: More suitable for international customers, this model is economically designed to avoid oversize length surcharges and fits within the maximum postal length of 105 cm.

Both versions are available with or without the sieve set, depending on your needs.


  • Double Mat Version: Weighs 5 kg standard, 6 kg with dual sieve set. Dimensions: 139 cm x 39 cm x 12 cm (boxed).

Each sluice is equipped with the renowned camo mini cell Dream mat, ensuring superior gold trapping capabilities. Experience enhanced gold prospecting with the Eldorado Double Sluice.

*Ships via courier due to the large size, this item does not deliver to PO boxes.

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