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LG24 Search Coil

LG24 Search Coil

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An all-rounder elliptical coil, with a sleek and lightweight design for the Legend metal detector. The LG24 is excellent for hunting in those trashier, tighter or more mineralised areas, and for those who enjoy a nice lightweight swing!

Sleek & Lightweight Design: The LG24 also takes advantage of the latest metal detector coil designs from Nokta (See also the LG30 Search Coil) that feature their sleek and lightweight form factor. These designs make it not only much easier to swing through the water due to reduced drag, but also much easier to swing through the air due to reduced weight. Both of these huge advantages mean that you'll be able to find more and detect for longer with less fatigue.

*Including coil cover and coil mounting hardware.

Part Number: 17000175
Description: Waterproof LG24 DD Search Coil
Size: 24cm x 15cm / 9.5" x 6"

Compatible Metal Detector Models: The Legend

For quick and simple swapping of coils on the go, check out the Nokta Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft HERE.

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