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STARTER Accessory Package

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Introducing the Starter Accessory Package from Nokta Makro. Inside you'll find a number of important accessory items to help get you started on your metal detecting adventures!


Premium Digger

A 7.5" stainless steel blade with cutting-edge teeth will cut through roots and difficult soil with ease. Ideal for Metal Detecting purposes in addition to, or instead of a full-size shovel.

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Includes custom belt holster sheath
  • Twoย cutting teeth styles
  • Rubberized hand grip
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Finds Pouch

A green camo print pouch for Metal Detecting on land.ย With 3 zippered pockets, this finds pouch also includes an internal pocket to storeย good finds separate from the trash.

It has a removable and adjustable belt (77 cm (30") - 140 cm (55") with thickย fabric webbing for attaching your pinpointer or other digging tools.

Size :ย 25 cm / 10"
Full Infoย HERE.

PinPointer Leg Holster

Easily carry your pinpointer with this new pinpointer leg holster, clip it onto your belt or treasure pouch belt, then around your leg and that's it.

Size:ย Adjustable
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Nokta Makro Cap

Help keep the harsh sun off you with this branded six panel Nokta Makro cap.


- Premium Digger
- Finds Pouch
- Pin Pointer Leg Holster
- Nokta Makro Cap

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