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NOMAD Mini DiveBoost

NOMAD Mini DiveBoost

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The DiveBoost Kit for the Nomad Mini Dive System allows for dual battery use (using one dive boost kit with 2 batteries) or tri battery use (using two dive boost kits with 3 batteries) for extended dive time.

The DiveBoost™ Kit allows the simultaneous use of multiple lithium-ion batteries. The ability to stack batteries significantly extends your dive time. You can stack up to two DiveBoost kits (with 3 batteries) maximising your underwater exploration time.

The newer Nomad Mini batteries are designed to power the Nomad Mini using just one battery, with a 20% increased capacity at 86Wh.

Note: If you are utilising the older 72Wh batteries (from the Nemo), you must use the DiveBoost Kit in conjunction with two batteries on your Nomad Mini.

*Please note that while it extends dive time, it doesn't increase the depth rating of your Nomad Mini.

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