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Pouch & Digger Combo

Pouch & Digger Combo

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Pouch & Digger Combo

1. The Stealth Digger

Sharp, Serrated and Super Strong

Description: Ideal for cutting through grass, soil and even roots! The Detect-Ed Stealth Hand Digging Knife/Blade features a 7.5" (19cm) long Carbon Steel blade with serrated cutting-edge teeth. Specifically designed for metal detecting, the stealth digger is an incredible tool for locating coins, relics and jewellery in all types of soils.

After countless hours and many years of collective digging & metal-detecting experience, the serrated teeth on the leading edge (near the tip) are definitely a standout feature. They allow you to easily cut through roots that are directly in the way of the digger tip. 


  • Carbon Steel Construction for significantly increased durability and resistance to bending.
  • Includes custom belt holster sheath for easy carrying on a waist belt.
  • Two cutting teeth edges for cutting through grass and roots
  • Rubberised hand grip
  • Ideal for cutting through grass, soil and even roots!


  • Cutting Blade Length: 7.5" (19cm) 
  • Belt Sheath Dimensions: 30cm x 8.5cm
  • Weight: 500grams


Your Tool & Treasure Bag With Room For More!

The Detect-Ed Mega Pouch is the ultimate durable, spacious and highly flexible Tool & Treasure Bag, purpose-built for Metal Detecting above the water on land or at the beach.

It features a huge main storage pocket, multiple internal compartments, a secure front zipped pocket, a flexible webbing pocket on the side (ideal for your water or find cleaning spray bottle), it fits a hand digger, most pinpointers and so much more!

We've received a lot of feedback from avid treasure hunters, and after countless hours of metal detecting experience ourselves, and many very productive hunts away from a convenient drop-off point, the Detect-Ed Mega Pouch is finally here!

Even when using two pouches, our team recognized the need for a certain kind of big, durable and flexible pouch that can not only hold its own solo with tools and finds packed inside, but also be an excellent companion if you're rocking a second pouch (1 for tools & large finds and the other for your more highly prized treasures!).

Key Features:

  • Huge main storage pocket
  • Fits a hand digger, water bottle, pinpointer and more!
  • Multiple internal Pockets
  • Designed for above-water use on land or at the beach
  • Removable & Adjustable Belt Included
  • Durable canvas construction
  • Zipped front pocket
  • Side Tool Holster (fits some pinpointers and most tools)
  • Side expandable pocket
  • Lanyard Attachment Point


  • Pouch dimensions: 32cm x 29cm (12.6" x 11.4 "inches)
  • Adjustable belt size: 42cm - 129cm (16.5"- 50.7" inches) 

*Compatible with the Treasure Pouch 2.0 Belt if you like to wear two pouches on one belt for the most productive treasure hunts away from a convenient drop-off point!

*Other products pictured are not included and are for illustration purposes only.

3. BONUS FREE Detect-Ed Land & Sea Gloves


Introducing the Land & Sea Gloves by Detect-Ed: The Ultimate Companion for Metal Detecting, Magnet Fishing and Treasure Hunting.

Whether you're Metal Detecting at the beach, a park, in bushland, the gold fields, underwater, or even magnet fishing...

When it comes to exploring the depths of land and sea, you need gloves that are purpose-built and tough. If you've been treasure hunting for awhile, you have probably worn through many pairs of gloves (especially at the fingertips!) that weren't designed with the kinds of wear and tear specific to metal detecting or magnet fishing in mind.  Our Detect-Ed metal detecting gloves are designed with the passionate adventurer in mind, the Land & Sea Gloves are your reliable partner, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip while offering unmatched durability.

Purpose-built for metal detecting, these tough gloves feature high-grip, double-coated construction, without compromising on movement or dexterity. The wrinkled rubber coating protects your hands and facilitates easy coin cleaning. With full coverage and the Detect-Ed Trademark logo, these gloves help keep your hands grippy, clean, dry, and ready for any metal detecting or magnet fishing adventure.


  • Size XL (one size fits most)


  • Triple Layer Protection
  • High-Grip Wrinkled Rubber
  • Makes Cleaning Coins Easy
  • Waterproof to your knuckles
  • Full Palm and finger protection


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