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Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft (For Nokta Detectors)

Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft (For Nokta Detectors)

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Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft (Nokta Metal Detectors)

Description: This Carbon Fiber Shaft from Nokta is a great option when you want to upgrade for enhanced durability and lower weight compared to a stock plastic Lower Shaft, or for combining it with one of your other Nokta metal detector coils for a quick and easy swap (no more lower shaft disassembly!)

You can mount any extra optional coils to this Carbon Fiber Shaft for quick and convenient swapping between your Nokta metal detectors coils in the field.

Part Number: 17000067
Compatible Metal Detector Models: 

  • The Legend
  • Simplex+
  • Simplex BT
  • Simplex ULTRA
  • Score & Score 2

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