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Stealth Shovel & Digger Combo

Stealth Shovel & Digger Combo

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This includes a Detect-Ed Stealth Shovel + Detect-Ed Stealth Digger

1. Stealth Shovel

The sharpest, fastest and stealthiest metal detecting shovel.
The Stealth shovel is a pure bred metal detecting shovel designed to help you slice cleanly through roots like butter whilst leaving little to no impact in sensitive areas.

Faster Cleaner & Stealthier
Utilising carbon steel with a higher tensile strength than steel or stainless steel, we were able to take advantage of a thinner cutting blade which allows you to slice through the ground noticeably faster than shovels with thicker blades.

As well as being faster, the Stealth shovel also makes much cleaner cuts, allowing you to dig perfect plugs without making a mess.

(Photo comparing thickness)

Unbeatable Root Cutting
The unique sharpened concave blade is designed to channel grass roots into the middle for slicing, whilst the serrated sides of the stealth shovel are perfect for sawing roots on the edges.

Size Adjustable
The Stealth shovel can be used in it's short configuration as a discreet and stealthier digging tool you can feel comfortable carrying in public areas. You can also opt to use it with with the included extension to make it easier to use for those all-day detecting sessions.

Key Features:

  • Carbon steel (Stronger than Stainless or mild steel)
  • Adjustable sizes - use it short or full length with included extension.
  • Sharpened concave cutting blade perfect for channelling and slicing roots
  • Large foot plates for easy pushing with feet


  • Short length = 730mm
  • Extended Length = 1060mm
  • Blade width at tip = 75mm
  • Blade width at last serrations = 130mm
  • Blade Length (tip to foot plate) = 235mm


  • Full Length: 2.2kg
  • Short Length: 1.6kg

    2. The Stealth Digger

    Sharp, Serrated and Super Strong

    Description: Ideal for cutting through grass, soil and even roots! The Detect-Ed Stealth Hand Digging Knife/Blade features a 7.5" (19cm) long Carbon Steel blade with serrated cutting-edge teeth. Specifically designed for metal detecting, the stealth digger is an incredible tool for locating coins, relics and jewellery in all types of soils.

    After countless hours and many years of collective digging & metal-detecting experience, the serrated teeth on the leading edge (near the tip) are definitely a standout feature. They allow you to easily cut through roots that are directly in the way of the digger tip. 


    • Carbon Steel Construction for significantly increased durability and resistance to bending.
    • Includes custom belt holster sheath for easy carrying on a waist belt.
    • Two cutting teeth edges for cutting through grass and roots
    • Rubberized hand grip
    • Ideal for cutting through grass, soil and even roots!


    • Cutting Blade Length: 7.5" (19cm) 
    • Belt Sheath Dimensions: 30cm x 8.5cm
    • Weight: 500grams
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