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11x13" XP DEUS II FMF Coil

11x13" XP DEUS II FMF Coil

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XP 11x13" (34 x 28cm) DEUS II Coil.

FMF®: Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency, from 4 to 45 kHz.

Compatible with the XP DEUS II metal detector, The 11x13" FMF Coil for the XP DEUS II metal detector is a fantastic option for treasure hunters who want to take even greater advantage of the DEUS 2 metal detectors incredible depth capability and coverage, allowing them to more easily and clearly detect some of those metal objects that would normally be only just out of reach or faint enough to miss.


  • Size: 11 x 13 Inches (34 x 28cm)
  • Wireless FMF® Fast and simultaneous multi-frequency coil
  • 49 frequencies: from 4 to 45 kHz
  • Wireless Coil battery life: up to 20H depending on programs and frequencies
  • Weight: 570g
  • Fully waterproof up to 20 meters
  • Supplied with coil cover, screwing kit and lower stem
  • 5 Year warranty (designed to last)
  • Made in France

    What's Included?

    • 11x13" XP FMF Coil for the XP DEUS II Metal Detector
    • Lower shaft
    • Coil Bolt
    • Coil cover
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