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COMPACT Gold Monster Carbon Shaft

COMPACT Gold Monster Carbon Shaft

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Built for Convenience

The brand new Detect-Ed COMPACT Series Carbon Shaft is a low weight, 3-Piece design made to collapse down smaller, yet still extend to full length to make transporting or storing your Minelab Gold Monster 1000, or even Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 metal detector so much easier!

How Does it Compare?

The Compact Shaft for the Gold Monster 1000 is a 3 Piece design that telescopes down to a small, and fully adjustable size. The 2-Piece Detect-Ed Carbon Fiber Shafts (Red-Belly and Classic 3K Twill) are still the lowest-weight options for your Gold Monster 1000, Equinox 600 or Equinox 800 metal detectors and they're highly portable and convenient for storage, travel and fitting into a bag.

However, if you need something even more compact than that, the Compact 3-Piece Carbon Fiber Shaft design is the most convenient for storage, travel and fitting your detector into a bag.


- Lighter than the stock Gold Monster shaft
- Telescopes down small for transport and storage
- Bolt-On Upgrade (all parts included)
- Smooth matte Carbon Fibre finish
- Anodized Aluminium twist-lock clamps
- 100% Carbon fibre

Compact Shaft Specifications:

Weight: 199 grams
Collapsed: 63cm / 25"
Extended:144cm / 57"

Set Includes:

-Detect-Ed [Compact] Carbon Shaft
-2 x Round Rubber Washers

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