Classic 3K Twill - Equinox Carbon Shaft Set

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Equinox Carbon Shaft Set


The Land & Sea Carbon Shaft is a complete replacement of the stock Minelab Equinox 800/600 metal detector shaft, ideal for underwater and land metal detecting. The Detect-Ed models light-weight, no-wobble, strong design proves steadfast in durability and is a lasting investment for your metal detector.

This Land & Sea Carbon Shaft Set compliments the Minelab Equinox 800/600 by further enhancing its lightness and all-terrain abilities.


- 100% Carbon Fiber
Black Carbon with high scratch resistance

- No-Wobble
Provides a strong crisp swing

- 40% Lighter
Then the full stock Equinox shaft (170g vs 286g)

- Collapses Shorter
Shortens to 170mm / 7" shorter than stock (overall length)
Fully retracted: 915mm, fully extended: 1435mm

- Shortened Position
Ideal for water use and transport 

- New Clamp System
Custom plastic injection moulded clamp system extremely durable and hard clamping

- High-grade Stainless Steel
Stainless 316 hardware for corrosion resistance

- Fully Extends
Lengthens to full size for normal use

- Durable
Satin-finished Carbon for far greater scratch-resistant than its glossy counterparts 

- Unique Hole-less design
When assembled the LS-Carbon shaft has no exposed holes for pins or the arm cuff, this means the shaft gets very little dirt or sand inside it while out detecting and contributes to its very sleek look and unmatched structural integrity.

- Easy Installation
Simply remove your control pod (with the hex key we provide), remove the arm cuff and install them on your Detect-Ed carbon shaft.

- What's Included?
In your package, you'll find a Detect-Ed Upper Shaft & Detect-Ed Lower Shaft, including a Hex Key for fitment.

- Dimensions:
Upper Shaft: 885mm & Lower Shaft: 611mm
Fully retracted: 915mm, fully extended: 1435mm

Compatible Models:
- Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector (Nox 600)
- Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector (Nox 800)
- Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector (GM1000)

*rubber grommets not included. The new coil connector design makes the grommets protrude from the connector, reducing wear on the coil ears, and the likelihood of them snapping.

 *Detector, Coil, Arm cuff and rubber grommets for illustration purposes only.