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Land & Sea Detecting Gloves

Land & Sea Detecting Gloves

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Detect-Ed Land & Sea Metal Detecting Gloves

Whether you're Metal Detecting at the beach, a park, in bushland, the gold fields, underwater, or even magnet fishing...

These gloves feature high-grip, double-coated construction, without compromising on movement or dexterity. The wrinkled rubber coating protects your hands and facilitates easy coin cleaning. With full coverage and the Detect-Ed Trademark, these gloves help keep your hands grippy, clean, dry, and ready for any metal detecting or magnet fishing adventure.


  • Size XL (one size fits most)


  • Triple Layer Protection
  • High-Grip Wrinkled Rubber
  • Makes Cleaning Coins Easy
  • Waterproof to your knuckles
  • Full Palm and finger protection

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