Detect-Ed Sticker Pack

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Sticker Pack Includes:

1 x Large 120mm Detect-Ed Sticker
2 x Medium 70mm Detect-Ed Stickers
These new stickers are waterproof and UV rated for approx. 2 years

A Quick Story:
A few years back, Detect-Ed founder, Ed (like we all have at some point) needed to choose a name for his YouTube channel and Instagram page, no biggie right!

He ended up choosing the name "Treasure_Adventure" pretty much because it summed up what kinda action he was hoping to get into.

Since then, those two words "Treasure" and "Adventure" have come to capture why we are passionate about Metal Detecting and strive to make high-quality gear.

The adventure of it all, is SO often the REAL treasure!
...but the odd coin and ring helps too ; )

When it came to designing stickers, we just had to incorporate "Treasure Adventure". We hope you like them!
*Free Shipping on individual sticker packs: if part of a larger order no extra shipping cost will be added to the normal shipping price.