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GK40 Complete Coil Bundle

GK40 Complete Coil Bundle

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What you get:

1. GK40 Coil for the Gold Kruzer

What we like: "The GK40 is a nice big DD coil, great for covering more ground on the dry sand at the beach, or in an open field where targets may be more sparse and deeper underground"


Part Number : 17000131
Description : Waterproof DD Search Coil
Size : 40 cm x 33.5 cm / 15.5" x 13"

Including coil cover and coil mounting hardware.

2. Carbon Lower Shaft (For Gold Kruzer)

Part Number: 17000635

This Carbon Fiber Shaft is a lightweight and highly durable shaft option for your Gold Kruzer, allowing you to mount  any extra compatible coils that makes for a quick and easily swap in the field when you need to switch between your optional coils.

Kruzer Lower Shaft 50cm (Carbon Fiber)

Compatible Models:
 Kruzer, Gold Kruzer

3. Snake Skinz (Bat Skin)

If you'd like a different Snake Skinz colour please include a note on your order and we'll swap it for you.

Snake Skinz are Coil wire protective sleeves, and a great way to customize your metal detector in a matter of seconds. These are made by Andy O'neal in the USA.

Compatibility: Snake Skinz are compatible with the Nokta Legend, Simplex, Kruzer, and Anfibio Detectors, as well as the Minelab Equinox.

Key Features:
- Extremely lightweight
- Keeps their flexibility under a wide range of temperatures
- Made from high-end polyester
- Easy to install
- Cut and abrasion-resistant

*For best results: Watch the installation video (link provided on the package) and ensure the wire sleeve is doubled over on both ends upon installation to avoid fraying.

Made in the USA, distributed by Detect-Ed in Australia.

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