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The Legend Upgrade Pack 2

The Legend Upgrade Pack 2

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*The Legend Metal Detector has had some upgrades to make it more lightweight and sleeker, but Nokta has not forgotten about current Legend owners. This upgrade package is being offered at a highly discounted price for a limited time only!

What we love: "The increased ground coverage with every swing, greater target separation when objects are close together and the reduced weight of the LG30 combined with the lightweight and sleek Arm Cuff and Carbon Fiber Middle Shaft , means that the Legend is now even more productive and easy to use for longer. Which proves to us that you really can't have too much of a good thing (and that good thing just got even better!)."

Description: This Nokta Legend Upgrade Pack features three huge hardware enhancements including the new LG30 (12" x "9) Coil which brings you all the advantages of highly sought after Elliptical Coils (reduced weight and greater target separation) to your Legend Metal Detector while granting you even more coverage from its increased top to bottom length than round coils of comparable size, such as the Nokta Legend 11" Coil. 

When you're swinging from left to right with the LG30 Coil' it's able to scan a wider area per swing. Unlike other small elliptical coils such as the very popular LG24 Elliptical Coil, which are invaluable in highly trashy and target-dense areas, the LG30 Coil is due to its size able to provide enhanced target separation without sacrificing ground coverage or depth.

Nokta has also continued to refine and improve the design of their metal detector coils by focusing on further incredible weight-saving refinements which translates to an immediately noticeable weight reduction and a huge difference over time when in use. 

The bottom line is simple: The lighter your metal detector, the faster and longer you'll be able to use it comfortably. The faster and longer you swing, the more awesome treasures you'll be able to find.

On top of that, the Carbon Fiber Middle Shaft section and improved Arm Cuff will not only make your Legend Metal Detector even more lightweight but they can also enhance its already sleek, serious and modern look. 

Not looking for a new coil right now? Check out the other Nokta Legend Upgrade  Package with just the Arm Cuff and Carbon Fiber Middle Shaft HERE.

Part Number: 17000181

Compatible Metal Detector Models: The Legend

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