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LG15 6" Search Coil

LG15 6" Search Coil

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Description: The LG15 6" Search Coil from Nokta is the ideal compliment to your Legend metal detecting arsenal. It's designed for getting into trashy or otherwise target dense environments, very highly mineralized or hard to swing areas and is also ideal for Gold Prospecting. 

The LG15 is the smallest coil available for the Legend metal detector.  With incredible sensitivity to the smallest targets and wicked target separation the LG15 excels in the goldfields for nuggets as well as picking out coins in trashier environments .  The LG15 is a true multi-purpose coil!

This search coil is also available in the Legend Pro Pack HERE.

Part Number: 17000171
Description: Waterproof DD Search Coil
Size: 15cm / 6"

Compatible Models: The Legend

Includes coil cover and coil mounting hardware.

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