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MI-6 Pin Pointer

MI-6 Pin Pointer

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MI-6 Pin Pointer

What we love: "Great quality, great audio, waterproof to 6 meters packed with lots of features, designed for use with the XP DEUS, AND DEUS II!"

Description: The XP MI-6 metal detecting pinpointer is the twin to the currently the most popular pinpointer in Australia, the MI-4, pointer but with some additional features!

The MI-6 uses intuitive sounds and vibration to help you accurately visualise where the target is buried in the ground. 

The pinpointer is rechargeable and waterproof up to 6m making it ideal for on land or under water.


  • Audio signal can be transmitted directly to the DEUS (& DEUS 2) Metal Detector
  • Fast one-touch pairing between the MI6 / Deus.
  • Interference suppression system between MI-6 / DEUS.
  • Lithium rechargeable battery with long battery life.
  • Flashlight
  • Waterproof: 6 m / 20 ft.
  • Advanced levels of adjustments via the DEUS:
  • 50 levels of sensitivity
  • Adjustable tones
  • 2 audio modes
  • Battery level indicator
  • 4 programs
  • MI-6 recovery mode – find a lost MI-6 even if it has been switched off for several weeks.


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