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Prospecting Riffle Scoop [Green]

Prospecting Riffle Scoop [Green]

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Turbopan Gold Prospecting Hand Scoop

The Turbopan Gold Prospecting Hand Scoop is an essential tool made for gold prospecting any level. It can function as a mini hand-held gold pan by itself, or simply as a tool for scooping gold bearing materials into your pan or sluice.

This Riffled Hand Scoop for gold prospecting has 2 riffles molded in, which are designed to catch gold in the scoop if you're using it as a mini hand-held gold pan.

The ergonomic handle features molded thumb and finger grips, as well as a Lanyard hole. This helps to ensure you either don't drop your freshly discovered gold or load of material, or lose this crucial bit of gold prospecting gear in the bush. 


  • 2 Molded in riffles for catching gold
  • Thumb and Finger Grips in the handle
  • Lanyard hole in the handle
  • 32cm overall length

Made & Designed in Australia!

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