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Turbopan Paydirt 500

Turbopan Paydirt 500

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Paydirt with guaranteed gold by Turbopan is just that, guaranteed gold.

Practice gold panning with the 500ml jar of paydirt from the Golden Triangle in the Victorian Goldfields, which guarantee's a minimum 0.1g of gold per jar.

Why buy paydirt?

Whether it's with a Turbopan or any other gold pan, paydirt with guaranteed gold inside is extremely useful for people who want to practice gold panning, or even if you're an experienced gold prospector who's trying out a new pan type for the first time. It let's you practise your gold panning anywhere!

The key difference between gold panning with pre-prepared paydirt and gold panning in the goldfields is that you already know the exact minimum amount of gold that' in the paydirt sample. This means that if you use your gold pan and end up with less gold than what is guaranteed in your paydirt sample, you know for sure that there is room for improvement. If you try this in the goldfields, you can't know for sure if you're actually missing out on gold or if you actually got it all!

After you've finished gold panning with your pay dirt for the first time and checked how much gold you actually panned out, you can re-pan the same paydirt over and over to check how much you get out each time. This will allow you to compare results and also see if you're getting better each go!

Some lucky jars may even contain bonus pickers!


  • 500ml of paydirt from an active mine in the Victorian Golden Triangle
  • Guaranteed minimum 0.1g of Gold 
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