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WS6/WS4 Wristband

WS6/WS4 Wristband

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Operate your XP WS4/WS6 headphone module from your wrist!


Unclip the headset control of the XP WS4 or WS6 backphone, insert it into the wristband, and even connect your own wired headphones! This XP Wristband allows you to display the target ID on your wrist and access settings easily.

  • The WS6 alone can control the DEUS II
  • The WS4 alone can control DEUS
  • Display the target ID on your wrist
  • Connect your own headphone
  • Ultra-light portable configuration
  • Adjustable wristband, even over a coat
  • Rainproof

*Headphones/wireless WS4 module displayed inserted into the Wristband for illustration purposes only.

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